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Roma 4 Milan 2

With a Five Game Win Streak on the line Milan let Roma enjoy the spoils.

Paolo Bruno

On occasion your team, in whatever sport it may be, will come out flat. The sport cliches are endless, they laid an egg, failed to start, or simply disappointed...this was one of those matches. At no point in the 90 minutes did you every believe were in control of this football match, sure you thought maybe they could scrape by, eek out a win, but at no point were they the better team or outplaying Roma.

I can fully understand Allegri's choice to opt for the false nine variation of the 4-3-3. The problem with that is it depends far to much on Kevin Boateng, who not only lost the nickname Prince this seasons, but has also lost his way around a football match. In the false nine role you work, you check back, you cover and he did none of those things. Couple in some lack of movement in the midfield and your numerical "false" numerical advantage was a pure loss as players like Bradley, Lamela, and Osvaldo simply tore Milan to shreds. Yes, set pieces were again the defining factor, and until this team can stand up and defend them it will be a problem, but it wouldn't have mattered Roma was simply going to score with the way they pressed and ran at Milan.

What could have been a celebration of five straight wins, is now a puzzling head scratcher leaving many wondering, what happened? Some are quick to yet again go from hopeful to doomed in the blink of an eye, and while the lead at the top for Juventus is massive, third place remains within reach. The return season opens with Siena and a Milan best get off on the right foot. Some questions regarding sales and transfers will surely come for discussion this week, but in the meantime you can see what players bring it week and week out and which players do not. Allegri needs to lean on those that bring and while the road will continue to be long and bumpy in this year zero campaign there is no reason to throw in the towel quite yet. Credit to Zeman and Roma, a team that has been thoroughly inconsistent and mismanaged since the departure of Spalletti seems to be finding some footing again. If Milan fans can find the same sort of patience you have to imagine we will be rewarded as well...