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Wednesday Milan Musings

Another week of musings as we near the Holiday Break.

Paolo Bruno

-Yesterday I highlighted the possible 15M offer for Pato. I was asked why I mentioned such relevant news, and now that it is being tied to the sale of Robinho as well it will make things interesting in January. 15M for Ducky and 10M for Binho give Milan a 25M net to spend in January, Balotelli anyone?? As for talking about Pato to much, look at the comments on the last post, I am not the only one.

-Milan may not actually need Balotelli quite yet or for that price, instead possibly turning their attention Didier Drogba. I for one am a huge fan, I don't deny it in the least. Players like Drogba don't come often, and having a bulldog like him in attack makes you a better team. The problem with this move is that it would be a few years late and while I can seevalue in his addition to the team as a veteran and leader. It doesn't make us any younger and fiscally responsible. Keeping him away from Juve though would be smart, and maybe Berlusconi is back to his old hijinx!?

-Speaking of Berlusconi, the Owner who intends to go back in the Political circus has begun his campaigning. If you recall Old Silvio campaigns directly to Milan fans, a winning Milan equals votes, and he has claimed Milan will be great again. I have news for your Silvio, Milan is still great, it is still my Club and while spending is great, winning is better! Find the balance that makes us both happy. I have supported him, I continue to support him, but his loss of touch with the modern game is growing more evident day by day. I am glad he still Fester as his right hand man, but Milan fans need to ask themselves if Berlu is not cutting checks, what good is he?

-Former Palermo man, Javier Pastore, now plying his trade for PSG says one day I will play for Milan. What he doesn't say is when that day is, so don't hold your breath. His comment alluded to winning something with PSG, while it's likely PSG will win something, I hope it never occurs. Call me bitter or petty, but I like to think our former players are like ex-girlfriends, sad and lonely and not having any fun!

-Pescara Keeper, Mattia Perin, is happy that El Shaarawy scored, but not happy for himself. The Genoa owned Milan target has played with the Pharaoh in the past and wants to be reunited. I am all for this move, but not right away, let Mattia continue to grow and then he can mind the net for Milan.

-I can't say enough about Stephan El Shaarawy. He has emerged as not only Milan's strongest attack threat, but a phenom in Italy. We lived through it with Sheva, then Kaka and now get to see the emergence again. More importantly he seems humble, grounded, and realistic. It won't be long before the "Little Pharaoh" becomes a real King of Milan. In the meantime I want to share an excerpt from his recent interview...

“Allegri has helped us overcome a crisis and the start of the season and deserves to stay on the bench.”