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Milan 4 - Pescara 1

What you don't know is that Jonathas is already on Milan's payroll...

Paolo Bruno

Not one but two own goals, sometimes you create chances and you score. Sometimes you create chances and you miss, and sometimes you just get lucky. Two corners, two lucky knocks, and a Milan get by in a match that was not as simple as the score would indicate. Pescara did in fact struggle, struggled to get forward, struggled to defend without fouling and struggled to cope with Milan's attack. However, like any team in Serie A will show you, if you give them space, specifically the kind that opens up in the 4-3-3, team's will attack it. Milan's occasional all out attack leaves the team vulnerable on the counter and it was only a post that saved Milan from 2-2, and a difficult end of the match.

Nocerino got on the board in the first minute and the interplay of the front three reaffirmed Allegri's choice to stick with that group. Just the right mix of possession, movement, and interplay. It was El Sharaawy that created the first goal for Nocerino and the favor was returned later in the match instead by Pazzini. The sticking moment for me; however, came in the 70th minute or so when El Sharaawy dispossessed a Pescara player in midfield, slipped two players and kick started an attack. It was that little effort that reaffirmed this team's new look and new path forward, as players around him responded to that small bit of effort.

Once Milan went up by the magical two goal safety net, Allegri began reshaping the squad into a 4-3-1-2 and then 4-5-1 with the inclusions of Boateng, Niang and Muntari. Boateng kept things simple as it appears he is fighting for his place on this team and his job come January. Niang was a bit selfish on this occasion, and while he wasn't rewarded, he can work a bit more for the team. Muntari returned with a great track back and shot block, and I think his return to fitness come the new year will be crucial. As it stands he is already two weeks ahead of schedule.

Simply put Milan can end the first half on a five game winning streak, but that is presuming to much. Four games in a row is solid and the team we endured in August has grown into something both evolved and special. Sure we lack what some call "star power" but we don't lack heart and we don't lack effort, two things far more important that were missing earlier in the year. At one point the announcers in my stream crapped out and the San Siro, despite the fog, the opponent and the poor weather, was thunderous. Yes Milan should have won this game, and yes no one will remember a lowly win against Pescara, but you can't climb the table without wins like this one. Last year we were called flat track bullies, this year I am simply happy with the three points. Onward to one of my favorite places, BarcaRoma, Zeman's Roma, Frankie's Band of Misfits, perpetual get my point! I know what I want for an early Christmas present.