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Wednesday Milan Musings

My favorite post, two weeks in a row!?

Valerio Pennicino

-Tomorrow is a Coppa Italia day, and while many wonder the value of the Domestic Trophies, at the end of the day silverware is silverware. I have to admit I also don't appreciate the tongue and cheek media knocks at Milan and Max about this being the only silverware they "can" win. This may be true, but it should be taken seriously and the Cup respected. Silverware is Silverware, and there are Coaches who some claim to be "good" who have NEVER won a thing...

-Robinho appears closer and closer to leaving Milan in January. Sadly, this is the wrong Brazilian to leave the Club. I have been nothing but impressed with Robinho's attitude at Milan and still contend to this day that he was the most crucial player in our Scudetto winning season. Not Boateng, not Zlatan, not Silva...but Robinho. I wish him the best, but more importantly wish he decides to stay. His last four games have shown how important he can be and Milan is not upgrading with Bojan.

- Our dearest friends, PSG, have requested the Milan loan offer for Pastore. Galliani then said, "hey we can throw in Pato" which only infuriated the PSG management further. Moral of the story, Pastore is not coming to Milan, and Pato continues to be useless.

-Nigel De Jong tore his Achilles tendon in his left leg, an excruciating injury and one with a long recovery time. Contrary to popular belief this is not Allegri's fault or the pitch at the San Siro, as the game was played in Torino. Instead I blame Juventus...all kidding aside, De Jong will be lost for six months and I wish him a speedy and safe recovery. Immediately people want to see reinforcements, but Fester has said we will survive from within, I agree. Ladies and Gentleman it is MUNTARI TIME! Say what you want about him, he came to play last year and I expect him to do the exact same thing, look for Strasser to work some minutes in as well, though I believe he needs some more polish before he can become a starter.

- Rino has spoken out about his time at Milan, why he left, and his admiration for the Club and Project. I have to admit I miss him, more so than anyone else. Not because of his play, though is grit is missed, but his leadership and his no bones attitude. More anything this team lacks that stone cold PLAYER leadership and while staying would have been great, you have to admire his desire to leave to continue playing. I expect him to be in management for this Club next season.

-Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti will step down after the current budget passes in Italy. This could mean one of two things, Silvio spends a lot of money on his campaign and none on Milan. Or, he buys us a few players to solidify the Milan tifosi boat, only in Italy is this successful Politics. Then in the US it's OK to buy Congressional seats, seek entitlements, and put off Legislation instead of compromise, but I won't get on that soapbox, not here at least! If you think Berlu is opening his checkbook in 2013, it may not be the reason you hoped for.