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Torino 2 Milan 4

A bit of rust from the midweek "resting" but came back strong for well earned away win.

Maurizio Lagana

First things first I need to get something off my chest. I absolutely despise beIN sport, not for winning the rights to Serie A from FSC, that doesn't even bother me. It's a free market and they paid for their win. Instead I can't fathom a TV company unable to get their act together to offer their product live and streaming. It is 2012, and the fact that I have to fight advertising and streams because of their inability to do the simple things puts them at the bottom of the barrel for me. Now off that soapbox and onto the next one!

The AC Milan bakery was opened for business and the today's special was the ever so tasty, HUMBLE PIE. Not one but two heaping slices were served up today. The first was Antonio Nocerino, his square ball was suicidal, and he should have not played it, but instead of crucifying him the team stood behind him and not only was he first to hug Robinho with a firm thank you he scored the go-ahead goal, the 1-2 winner, and the difference between a win and loss. That ladies and gentleman is a gamer and someone who steps up his game when called upon to not only help the team win but make amends for his error.

Pazzini was also busy in the "kitchen" and when I called for his inclusion in Friday's pre-match I once again had to endure some silly comments. Oh well, he proved his point, in turn proving mine. He is the more physical and appropriate point man for this team and while he may not score goals at an alarming rate, he has six on the season and his physical play is welcome. In fact his shear physical determination lead to the goal and while he struggled early his movement began to make things difficult for Torino as the game wore on and they were asked to go forward.

Speaking of going forward the newly promoted side does it well, on the counter especially. The early moments of this match were worrying and the 4-3-3 appeared a bad choice until the team realized that it could in fact cope and pinch the fullbacks in on the wide runs to rob the imporant space alongside the 18 yard box. A very good performance and while the second goal was fairly cheap and unfortunate, if it were not for silly mental mistakes Milan would most likely be sitting on a much better goal differential.

All and all a strong two goal win away from home. The team coped well with the early error, they coped well with the "rust" from the midweek resting and they fought back to keep momentum alive and lead us into a strong December. It would be foolish to believe this team can go on an unbeaten run like Milan sides before it...five, ten, maybe fifteen games...but as the unity and cohesion continue before our very eyes anything is possible. If you expected the worst this season, performances like these are your pleasant surprise. I for one am just happy to be along for the ride and three points!