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Catania 1 Milan 3

Sicily has never been friendly, but a good performance in Palermo led to some confidence in Catania.

Maurizio Lagana

Acerbi was the only change Max made from the Juve match and Boateng was reprising his splendid performance as the "false 9" in the 4-3-3. Milan started well, but true to form a set-piece goal on the shoulders of Acerbi scored by none other than former Milan CB Legrottaglia and suddenly things didn't look so bright. Let me start by being abundantly clear, I like Acerbi and Zapata, but playing CB has as much to do with confidence and experience as does with skill and talent. In terms of CB years, these two are rather green and while they may be future, they can and will make mistakes and this was one of them. So you either accept the mistakes and forget about them in a 3-1 win and chalk them up to lessons learned, or you whine and complain, I will take the former not the latter. Complaining never got me anywhere, but you can see why Max may be tentative to hand the reins over so quickly.

As if Legro's goal was not enough, his wily experienced play meant he didn't fall for the false 9 gimmick, and with four at the back Catania was better equipped to deal with the Milan's tactical deployment. But El Sharaawy, Binho, and Boa didn't quit and with solid midfield play possession progressed and Milan entered the second half the more lively team. The game turned in the 49th minute when Catania's Barrientos was sent off for a foolish second yellow and allowed El Sharaaway to open the scoring for Milan two minutes later adding a second in the dying minutes while Catania sent everything forward to grab an equalizer.

Boateng also returned to the score sheet on a cracking shot, but was sent off the in the dying minutes for a foolish red card negating any sort of progress he has made the last few weeks in finding a semblance of form. He is playing with a more basic and fundamental approach but the poor choices continue to plague the #10 he was even rewarded with the Captain's armband in Montolivo's absence. Nocerino also seems to continue to find form and work much harder off the ball and credit to Max for recognizing those willing to work the cause and allow them to earn the start.

Defensively Milan settled after second half and Constant continues to impress despite being singled out as Milan's weak link, that will eventually change as he continues to prove himself. What was once a weak spot for Allegri, the fullback position now has a few viable options and gone are the days of shoehorning Bonera into the role. With that Allegri puts the finishing touches on two resounding wins, Juve at home and three points in the hostile Sicilia! Things have improved for Milan for many patience has been rewarded but the work has only just begun.