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Every game has a story line, this one has a few...

Claudio Villa

Everyone always makes a big deal about prematch storylines, this Sunday's match against Fiorentina is no different. A team struggling last season to find an identity cans their Captain and sends him to Milan, hires a Coach with a chip on his shoulder and banks the win that sinks Milan's Title hopes last season...not bad for week 12 is it!?

Our new friend Montolivo was once the cornerstone of Fiorentina, but the Viola have evolved time and again since Prandelli stopped wearing fashionable purple turtlenecks and as the team evolved they did so without their talisman. Viola's lose and Milan's gain for the time being, and of late Monty's form has made it worth it, but it doesn't take away the fact that his name was in the Purple and this match will be one he wants to success in.

Speaking of success, you have to commend Montella for his. Cast off by Roma in favor of the fancy styling of Luis Enrique and Barca B, like Milan and Monty, it was Roma's loss and Fiorentina's gain. Can't help but chuckle that Roma would cast on of their own in favor of a Barca youth Coach, sounds like a plan some folks would commend here at Milan. I would rather not repeat the mistakes of others! Sometimes chasing a dream or idea is not as good as rewarding what you know, and in Montella's case his time at Catania and now Fiorentina has been efficient, tactically interesting and fairly successful despite the lack of big money and "big" players. That is until Sunday, as Milan need some revenge.

I still remember the match last season that buried Milan, it was gutting, and regardless of where this team stays, goes, or accomplishes this season. This match, this victory is revenge, vendetta, for what could have been last season. Is it a simplistic view? Maybe, but we are on a five game unbeaten run, and that doesn't keep going without winning this match. So the task at hand is painfully simple, three points and a bit of revenge.