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Milan 1 Malaga 1

Miracle in Milan!? Pato makes the Scoresheet!

Claudio Villa

First things first, we must commend with great applause the achievements of Alexander Pato. Yesterday he achieved the incredible, he scored not only a single goal, but a goal that secured the one point needed to stay second in the group. This is an incredible accomplishment for a player who has endured traumatic injuries, a decrease in talent and skill, and a loss in his love life. Cheers to you Alex, your goal was a thing of beauty, may we enjoy many more at the rate of one per year!

Now that we got that mockery behind us, we need to discuss the matter at hand. Like all things in life, this draw is dependent on your perspective. If you feel entitled to a Milan that is analogous to Real Madrid and Barcelona, then you are surely disappointed. If however, you are realistic and understand the current position of rebuilding and fiscal responsibility, we are on a FIVE game unbeaten run! A draw is always better than a loss, and being this is the group stage of the CL points matter and it keeps Milan in second place.

More positives are the continued emergence of Bojan, Urby and Constant as reliable first teamers. Granted this is at the expensive of some of last year's heroes, but who cares. New season, new tactics, new team, so you either play up or sit down. Milan enjoyed 55% possession, 19 shots with 6 on goal and the bulk of good build up play; however you don't win matches this way you tend to control them, but progressive improvement in this area will eventually gain results.

Defensively, as I have said all season long, there is work to be done. Abate's injury caused some chemistry problems, but the juggling of the defense still to this day is a problem. Not sure what the diagnosis is for the RB, but De Sciglio will have to step up. You also have to believe that as the team gains confidence the defense will follow suit and the return of Abbiati has gone a long way in fixing some of those issues.

Again, its perspective, we are moving forward and improving. If you lofty aspirations are not being met, I apologize, but the goal now is to keep the streak alive and always building and climbing the table towards the holiday break. Are we suddenly CL and Scudetto contenders? Again it's a matter perspective and the sooner that gets lined up the sooner you can appreciate what you are watching.