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Milan v Malaga Preview

A bit of Spanish Revenge!

Dino Panato

Milan's last match against Malaga was a struggle. Malaga was confident and comfortable on the ball playing with width and enjoying possession. Milan were solid defensively, but even the best teams crack under such pressure. Allegri's recent 4-2-3-1 deployment may help curtail a bit of Malaga's width, but it will require a collective effort from all involved to reverse the previous result and climb the group in hopes of seeing the next round of the CL.

The recent emergence of players like Bojan and Constant should give Allegri a few more options, but the fatigue also plays a factor, especially with players like Nocerino and Boateng out of form. Stick with what's working while you need the result, risking injury and exhaustion, or continue to tinker and jeopardize the chemistry and result? A difficult decision to say the least, and one that will surely be scrutinized by those who practice hindsight bias, for me it's rather simple. Rest those that desperately need it, otherwise stay the course! At some point Montolivo, El Sharaawy, Abate, and Urby will need a rest, this isn't it. So we stay 4-2-3-1 like this:

Abbiati; Abate, Yepes, Mexes; Constant; Monty, NDJ; Bojan, Urby, ElS; Pazzo

Every game is crucial now until the holiday break be it CL or Serie A for both the squad and Allegri. Some were already pondering Allegri's vacated post, but there is still some fight left in this team and Coach!