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Milan 5 Chievo 1

Five Points of Discussion for Five Goals

Dino Panato

Going to keep this easy, for each goal Milan scored I will give you a point of discussion...

  • Every once and awhile a flood of goals cures all that ails. Just puts smiles on people's faces, where they all pretty? No, but nobody remembers and this win is just right!
  • Was I wrong on Bojan? Maybe a little, I was down right quick to judge, but his effort as well as his interplay were excellent on Sunday as he appeared to have a confidence and movement that rivaled Binho in his prime for this team. The beauty of my harsh tone toward the little dwarf is that his success is now a win for Milan, which in the end is a win for me. So guarded skepticism paid it's dividends at this point, as for my being "wrong," I am a blogger, I am not omnipotent. Even MilanMan is not always right!?
  • Constant is emerging as a solid LB option. When Milan paid Flamini far to much money the intent was he could play in the fullback positions and in Milan's time of need he refused. Now Constant has done the opposite and it will surely be the reason he will see the field while Flamini will get a for sale sign hung around his neck to match the one for Boateng and Pato.
  • The 4-2-3-1 as unlikely as it would seem has been the most successful formation. While I think it hurts us still from a balance perspective and doesn't use all of Milan's personnel, it is providing results, and that alone should justify the continued usage. Monty has flourished, Urby is doing great, and it gives Allegri flexibility depending on the score. Oh and it helps that SES is a beast no matter what.
  • Notice the difference with the inclusion of Old Guard Players in Ambro and Abbiati, simply a calming effect. Abbiati is the indisputable number one GK, and while Ambro can't play everyday his occasional usage has given Milan that grit and determination that it is missing. It is becoming clearer that certain players simply bring it while others do not, and with that Allegri's team choices should be much clearer.