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Wednesday Milan Musings

Been awhile since we had one of these!

Claudio Villa

Wednesday Milan Musings were always my favorite, a chance to round up news from all over the net and more importantly Syed! The thing is when your team is burdened with CL Football, you don't get this luxury with all the midweek games. I mean look at Juventus last season, one game a week, gave Conte time to talk to to much. Oh well, let him talk, we have more important issues to contend with!

  • The meteoric rise of our young star RB DeSciglio continues. He is being touted for an Italy place and raises a conundrum of what happens with Abate!? Sell him? Keep him as a substitute? Make him a LB? Questions, questions, questions, but more importantly credit for DeSciglio for being humble and doing this the right way. Wonder if anyone will give Max a bit of love for this one...
  • Marco Amelia thinks Milan have the best keepers in Serie A! This is contrary to belief around these parts because one mistakes means you get crucified, despite past success and loyalty the Club. I for one like both net minders, but together they would be epic. MilanLab's inability to cure injuries of late was due partially in part to Fester's request to combine Abbiati and Amelia to create a FrankenKeeper...
  • Arsene Wenger has faith in Milan's return to the top. Frankly who knows better than the Frenchman whose Arsenal is the proverbial yo-yo Club, always a bridesmaid and never bride. They are on a longer Trophy drought than Pato's recent goal less run! All kidding aside, much of the football World understands Milan's fiscal plight and cyclical rebuilding, why do so many "fans" seem unable to comprehend!?
  • Max is worried about pairing Acerbi and Zapata this weekend in the hostile confines in Catania. While I still firmly believe this is the way forward for Milan's CB pairing, maybe with Astori added to the mix, the recent success of the team has come from the veteran experience and stability of Mexes and Yepes. Acerbi and Zapata are still relatively young in terms of CB experience, and both are learning the system and teammates, this takes TIME and Max is working them along, but nobody likes a trial by fire.
  • Seedorf, like UnceArtie, touts Juventus as the second coming and best thing since single serving nutella. To that I promptly ask Seedorf to keep his opinion to himself and wonder how the retirement home for all player's who don't want to quite, I mean Brazil is treating him. I have the utmost respect for Clarence and hope to one day see him back in the echelons in the meantime I ask him to refrain from being a Juventus fan on our watch!?
  • For those already spending our January transfer money take warning:

“We have 30, 32 players right now,” the Vice-President told RMC. “We will firstly sell and then, when the squad has been reduced, we will buy.

“We have some players who want to go, just a very few, and others who we wanted to sell but who didn’t accept new destinations because they are happy at Milan.”

I am all for January sale, stay tuned for the listing of who goes around Christmas!