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Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this season?

Dino Panato

"You see real fans in times of difficulty. I expect the team to be supported. After 26 years of caviar and champagne, patience is needed."

For me it's rather easy...AC Milan, for better or worse, in wins and losses, with money or without...this is my Club.

Not a day has gone by in my near 25 years of fandom that I have not stopped and been thankful. I was lucky to have a father who supported Milan for 25 years before me, I was lucky to love the Red and Black. I could have just as easily been smitten with Siena, Modena, Verona, or Nocerina Inferiore. Only to toil year in and year out near relegation not out of Serie A, but Serie B!!! Milan has given me nothing but joy over the years, even in the most difficult of moments, and for that I am thankful. It could have been much much worse, and for those whose teams are in fact a provincial Club, I am in fact thankful for you as well. I was fortunate, but it's you who are truly strong. For those who complain about our short and current plight, pause and think of those who can't say thank you...