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Milan 0 Inter 1

A Red Card, possession and the bulk of chances, but nothing to show for it.

Dino Panato - Getty Images

I could almost review this match in two parts, the first to simply commend Inter. Everyone seems hell bent on this notion or prerequisite that in order to win football matches a team needs World Class Talent and some sort of panache. Inter on the other hand has neither, instead they are well organized, brutally efficient, and collectively strong. Milan should look at their opponent, not with disdain, but with the intention to mirror this sort of grinta and attitude.

Despite the pre-match antics Allegri went back to the 4-2-3-1, but the deployment was interesting and you could almost see the notion of a 3-5-2, but the defense, and more importantly the flanks, as we discussed, did not seem up to the task. Within 3 minutes, Inter had solved the puzzle, and oddly Milan seemed to calm and began to dominant the match in possession and attack. Inter, didn't seem to mind, as they broke on the counter and continued their defend first mentality despite conceding possesion and twenty shots on goal. At the start of the second half it appeared Milan were going to break down the "wall" instead a Nagatomo Red Card gave Inter the impetous needed to park the bus and defend their one goal lead with little regard for "pretty" football, choosing function instead. Proving yet again why a well organized team willng to roll up their sleeves will often best a team not willing to get onto their level, another key point Milan can take from this match. Sometimes you got to get your hands dirty...

Speaking of getting your hands dirty, Max may go back to the stands with his treatment of the ref at the end of the game. I am not one to blame refs and have no ill will for the ref's performance in this match, instead, reserving my ill will for Bojan and Boateng. Both players have been given a vow of confidence of late that I can't agree with. Their play has been erractic and inconsistent and the few remaining supporters they have left seem to be changing their tune as well. Pazzini's inclusion, and Robinho on for a tired El Sharaawy gave Milan a small spark, and that little bit of composure from both players went a long way, but the ball just couldn't find the back of the net. Speaking of composure, Monty had it in spades yesterday, putting in his best performance in a Milan shirt to date, great shots on goals, great possesion and simple passing. The rest of the team; however, was not so smooth, and like the comments during the match appeared restless and with little to not patience to control the match and their chances.

There is no silver lining in this loss, the possesion, the shots, whatever it may be. This team needed those three points, and for those who didn't resign themselves to the fact that this seaon would be a tough one, this should be the final straw. Now you can surely throw in the towel, or you can continue to plug along and watch. Many a fan got what they asked for in this team, a younger refreshed Milan, the problem is the don't seem willing to stomach the growing pains that go along with that. So while the team continues to grow and evolve there will be many more matches like this one.

Lots to talk about this week so stayed tune, but also feel free to post your FanPosts as well!