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Palermo 2 Milan 2

A two goal comeback in the fortress of Sicily!? I'll take it!

Tullio M. Puglia

When Fabrizio Miccoli stepped on the pitched yesterday it was evident he not only had a chip on his shoulder, but he had a point to prove, our squad should take notice. It is this attitude, this me against the World, this resilience that the team is missing. That is until Stephen El Sharaawy takes over! Once again the twenty year old wonder saves Allegri with a late goal, rightfully as the Coach has shown faith in his future star. Allegri was also rewarded for continuing to stick with Montolivo who continues to grow each and every match in his role and maturity. The 3-4-3, a formation we can discuss tomorrow, is working from him and his ability to link play and get forward into attack has helped Milan.

Credit to both Urby and Bojan whose inclusion in the squad must be more frequent than less, as the manager's faith in Pato, and the player's ineffectiveness will make him an afterthought along with Boateng. Nocerino should take caution as soon his play may put him in the same boat! Conceding goals however still remains a problem, especially set pieces. Miccoli played Abate like a fiddle on the PK, and buried his chance, but the second goal was a problem but also a shot in the arm for Milan. It finally forced Allegri to change the dynamic of the team and while finishing with only two real CB's in this formation is scary it got the job done. It was a great roll of the dice, and one the Mister should be proud of, and the fans will disregard.

Considering the path of this season, I have to say this is a small victory. While it is only a draw, to be two goals down and crawl back in Sicily is a feat. This is becoming a season of "little things" and this is one of those little things that you can look back on and say well done. Visiting Palermo has never been a friendly place, and while the top of the table looks miles away Milan are unbeaten in the their last two and building a streak now is a good start.