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Milan 1 Genoa 0

Look at that, don't concede and you get a win!

Claudio Villa

Three points is three points. Nobody will remember that in terms of tactics and attacking phases it was far worse a match then those against Malaga and Lazio, both losses. People will forget that while the defense took a sense of ownership and El Sharaawy decided that he wanted a win for his twentieth birthday, Boateng and Pato were putzing around with no purpose or direction. Simply put it wasn't pretty, but we didn't concede and as I have preached since the dawn of time. You can't lose if you don't concede!

Allegri persisted in this 3-4-3, despite the fact that we don't have wing backs and it deploys more like a 3-2-4-1, which actually helps this little problem of lack of numbers in the midfield and soft defending. Effective yes, efficient not really. The real story though, not just of the match, but of the season continues to be the single stellar growth of Stephen El Sharaawy, each and every match. His decision to not celebrate against the Club that raised him was a true sign of maturity, but his consistent determination and work ethic should be shining example to the rest of the players who don't seem willing to carry their own weight! For those who malign Allegri for his treatment of some players, they seem to not realize what he has done for players like ElS, Abate, and De Sciglio. Granted it was no surprise that Milan looked instantly more tactically effective in attack when Pato left the pitch, but hey he made some great runs. Sarcasm, because frankly he didn't. He realized he was more effective flopping, and his inability to pass, make smart runs or bully a defender met he was an easy target to cough up possession. Oh well though, he is still scores GOALS, GOALS, GOALS, even if it was ages ago.

Urby was also a bright spot, and his simple willingness to run like a lunatic after every ball and pass make him an asset to this team where Boateng has not. He lost the right to the name Prince in my eyes months ago, but now he is simply nearing Pato territory of laziness and tactical stupidity. While we have talked time and time again about what Milan should in January, other than visit Silvio in prison, it appears selling Boateng and Pato are now top of the list.

Onto Tuesday, another match, another must three points. Allegri lives to Coach another day and while he was quick to hit out at critics, saying this was response. I would rather we show it and not just say, but a little swagger and confidence never hurt anybody!