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Preview: Lazio v Milan

“The game in Rome will not be, in any case, the last stop for Allegri, no matter what happens.”

Marco Luzzani - Getty Images

In the summer of 2007 I had the pleasure of visiting Lo Stadio Olimpico, it is not a cozy place. Cavernous, with large Piazzas that lead you into the stadium, even half full it resonates sound. It has not always been a friendly place for AC Milan, even in our best seasons, and now we take our first trip with a simple task in mind, earning the result.

The key here is this notion of earning the result, it seems to me that the idea of working for ninety minutes, and taking something that maybe is not supposed to be yours, has been lost on AC Milan. Last year's Juventus had a chip on their shoulder the size of Chiellini's nose, while this Milan strikes me as a bit too pretty. Time that changes, and if the players can't see why, they need only look at the table. It is Milan against the World, and not just the footballing World, but the fans who no longer believe, the players who have lost faith, and the Management on the cusp of sending this whole thing down the toilet once and for all.

We all know well and good that Allegri has no problem making his team get down and dirty, but the players need to own that mentality as well. Mexes, Monty, Nocerino, Prince, and anyone else for that matter need to stop worrying about playing pretty and start playing effectively. Make the tackle, win the ball, and defend like their is no tomorrow because at this rate their may not be one. The goal here is not to win, it is to SHUT LAZIO OUT plain and simple, the goal to win it will come, but keeping Lazio for scoring is the first and foremost. You won't do that with a silly 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, you do that with numbers in the midfield and strength on the ball...

Amelia; Abate, Mexes, Acerbi, DeSciglio; Urby, NDJ, Nocerino; Monty, ElS; Pazzo

I have been preaching a return to a 4-3-2-1 for weeks now, it will add bodies to the midfield, and allow the three man midfield that was so effective for Milan in the past two seasons to flourish yet again. It also gets Monty closer to goal and Milan's Man of the Season El Sharaawy to roam free. Robinho and Abbiati are out so Amelia steps in and Pato is back fit, but he starts alongside Boateng...on the bench. For those who have a rich history with this Club, look at that lineup and tell me what it reminds you while we await Saturday's match.