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Wednesday Milan Musings

Round up of this week's Rossoneri News!

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

-In case you missed it, yesterday we talked about Pep Guardiola and why he is not the answer for AC Milan. If you didn't weigh in please do.

-For those who have been around you may remember the Syed News Network at or previous home. Well it's back in the FanShots and depending on how things go we may expand further, so please chime in with your opinion.

-Prandelli has used Monty once again at the CAM role in the 4-3-1-2, something Allegri has been reluctant to do. I can understand why Max has been reluctant, Monty's lack of pace is a easily exposed in that role in Serie A, whereas the International game is a bit more guarded. But it does lend some support to my suggestion to play Monty alongside El Sharaawy in a 4-3-2-1. It may be the closest thing to giving us some balance and congestion in front of the opponents defense while still using players like El Sharaawy to their fullest.

-Robinho's right hamstring continues to be a bother and it looks like an additional ten days of recovery time. If we have learned anything these hamstrings injuries can be a nuissance and I would prefer Robinho is not rushed back and allowed to heal fully. -The DeSciglio - Maldini comparisons continue, even I particpated guilty as charged.

-Arsenal GK, or should I say, starting Arsenal GK Vito Mannone has ties to AC Milan and would love to play for the Rossoneri. While I think we are set at GK, I can't afgue with a move for Vito in the future. He has been solid this season for Wenger's Arsenal and reminds me a bit of our own Abbiati, fundamentally sound. -Speaking of Arsenal and Wenger. The Frenchman has come out in support of Allegri, preaching patience. Sadly, Rossoneri fans have lost the meaning of the word for all matters other than Pato. This is a shame, as they will wait year after year for Pato's failure to launch, but can't wait six months to allow Allegri to right this ship, such is life in football.

-Regardless of fan's "opinion" the team and management continue to support Allgeri as we begind to see progress. New players, new tactics, new financial concerns, these factors all play a big part in a team's chemistry, cohesion and ultimately success. The old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day" can be applied to this version of AC Milan.

-A must read, just reminding everyone, don't buy to much into what you read for rumors...