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International Break Q & A: My Answers

Time I give you my answers from this little exercise.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

Time I give you my answers from this little exercise so here ya go...

1. Seven Games, Seven Points, what is the biggest dissapointment of the season so far?

Goal differential and conceding goals. In Milan's scudetto winning this season there was a bit of grit to this team that even when they conceded they found a way out. That's gone and the even goal differential tells the whole story, you can't win games let alone Titles if you concede goals. Now many will ponder why this is so, but for me it's simple. Milan's problems are a bit of a domino effect, the team lacks a leader, an identity and accoutability which leads to poor play and lack of cohesion. This is made all the worse by the roster turnover...good teams are not bought, they are made, and Milan has a long way to go to build that winning relationship yet again.

2. This season may not go as some had hoped, can there be a silver lining?

Yes, a few days ago we talked about Maldini's first season and Milan finishing seventh. That season gave him the foundation to become the leader and player he became. Same can be said for the foundation laid in 1997 and 1998, new heroes in Rino and Ambro were born. So that's my silver lining, if we finished mid table this season at least we can look back at the season and see the creation of stars like El Sharaawy, De Sciglio, Acerbi and so on. The plan appears to be in place, now it is up to them to seize this oppurtunity like those before them.

3. One player or position to reinforce this team come January, who is it and why?

This is a tough one, no one player is going to solve the problems this team has. I also don't believe that buying "quality" is going to make this team better. This team is not bad, it has an identity crisis, but with the dip in form from Boateng and the contiuing lack of a true attacking midfielder to link play, I have say a CAM continues to be a concern. Now I am not asking for 20 year old hype machine with an inflated price. I am talking about a guy who can come up, lead by example and do the little things this team is sorely lack in the space between the opponents midfield and defense.

4. Allegri, keep him or can him? Why?

Keep him, it should be a no-brainer. I have not seen a Coach given less respect this man, two seasons first and second place finish, while squeezing a fair amount of a success from a lean roster. Now he has in essence a new team, and instead of some patience we get a witch hunt. For those who are lusting after Pep, forget it, the only way I can justify this move is if Milan has an team of internal candidates ready to take over and take this team in a new direction, also unlikely. I say we give the man a chance to do what he can here. Any other person would have walked out the front door as he watched his players get sold off like cattle, and his walking wounded be given more responsibility. He stuck with this mess, now we stick with him.

5. Can Milan climb out of this hole they have dug for themselves?

Yes, of course, but it won't be easy. Our old friend Pirlo and Juventus have to contend with something that didn't concern them last season, the CL, and those games will wear on them. When they do Milan need to be ready to pounce, but results will be key. It matters not how we win anymore, and if you think it does, well I have news for you, we won't get out of this hole with that mentallity. Time to roll the sleeves up, get tough and grind out some wins. It won't be pretty, but who cares...a win is a win is a win. We need those more than we need pretty right now.