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International Break Q & A

Time to get everyones view on the Season as it stands.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

I recieved an email asking that I poll a few readers in a sort of view point post. I thought better yet, why not poll everyone! I am going to give you five questions on the season to date, and I want you to answer. On Sunday I will share mine, in the meantime feel free to paste them into the comments and have at it, or if you are feel really adventurous take the spotlight with a FanPost!

  1. Seven Games, Seven Points, what is the biggest dissapointment of the season so far?
  2. This season may not go as some had hoped, can there be a silver lining?
  3. One player or position to reinforce this team come January, who is it and why?
  4. Allegri, keep him or can him? Why?
  5. Can Milan climb out of this hole they have dug for themselves?

Looking forward to everyone's responses...