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Things We Learn from Meaningless Friendlies...

-Pato didn't forget how to finish tap ins, everything else is up for debate.

-Zlatan is really taking this complete player thing seriously. Early on in the match he defended a PSG free kick with his head, then turned and received the ball in his own defensive third from Amelia and proceeded to dribble up the field. Then followed up with an assist for Pato, at this rate he will be playing every position...

-Nocerino hit the crossbar on a killer overhead kick effort, the guy seems to ooze confidence and desire in every minute of every match. Kind of wish the shot went in.

-Poor Taiwo, I mean he can't defend, he can't cross, hopefully Newcastle is watching, but not everything, it isn't always pretty. He made Tiene look like Maldini, somebody call Tiene's agent please.

-I know Mexes has a lot of rust to shake off, but there is no excuse for his lack of pressuring on the ball friendly or not.

-With rest Nesta looks like the ageless wonder, with rest Zambro, Pippo and Rino look like creaky old men. It was very good to see Rino on the pitch though, just needs a bit of game time to get back fit.

-I may have CarlettoPhobia, but he has his work cut out from him. You can see the discomfort in the formation shift as the wide midfielders often came high up the pitch, but he will work out this out for what is a fairly talented team.

-Our young players look like they have been starved their whole lives, how is it that De Sciglio, Valoti and El Shaarawi combined weigh as much as Ronaldo? Time these boys beef up, it doesn't matter how talented they are with their feet their physical presence needs work.

-Speaking of El Shaarawi, was actually pretty lively today, and likes to challenge the opposition.

-Abbiati is a beast.

Details from Football Italia for those who missed the match:

Milan 1-0 Paris Saint-Germain

Scorers: Pato 4 (M)

Milan First Half: Amelia; De Sciglio, Mexes, Thiago Silva, Taiwo; Aquilani, Van Bommel, Nocerino; Robinho; Ibrahimovic, Pato

PSG: Sirigu; Ceara, Sakho, Bisevac, Tiene; Sissoko, Bodmer; Jallet, Pastore, Nenè; Hoarau

Milan Second Half:Abbiati; Zambrotta, Nesta, Bonera, Antonini; Gattuso, Ambrosini, Emanuelson; Valoti; El Shaarawy, Inzaghi

On a side note, we should be hearing about Tevez very soon if not already, that frees up Fester to do some selling...