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Wednesday Milan Musings

With the transfer window still a week from closure we may as well fill ourselves in...

-Fester believes news for Tevez is good, he appears to only want to play for Milan so the big PSG paycheck didn't entice him. Not sure what to make of this extremely long and drawn out transfer. To be fair, on form he makes Milan better, but he doesn't help the problem we haev in midfield depth.

-If Tevez doesn't work out Maxi Lopez will surely arrive from Catania, and he may be just the ticket as a vice-Ibra to give the Big Swede rest as the schedule heats up again in February. Still can't help but think we are bit crowded in the striker department...

-Milan has made three moves already this transfer window. Merkel was brougt back as many have already known and seen, as was Rodney Strasser from Lecce. Good to see two youngsters brought back into the fold and if Allegri plans to play them and they contribute all the better. The unknown commodity from the January moves to date is Djamel Mesbah a left footed player from Lecce capable of playing LM and LB. In 2005 Milan signed an unknown Udinese player capable of playing LB and LM, his name was Marek Jankulovski, and that didn't turn out all bad. Let's hope we get the same result with Djamel.

-While Milan sniff around strikers, other teams are buying up valuable midfielders right from the boot, with Cagliari's Nainggolan being a prized possession. Juventus look to be hot on the trail of the midfielder who may not be Milan's answer to the lack of CDM depth, but he would sure make a nice box to box midfield flank the anchor and compliment Nocerino. It doesn't matter because if you aren't a striker Milan are not interested!

-Speaking of strikers, we were missing one this weekend, yet oddly enough we scored three goals, kept a clean sheet and still managed to earn three points. I didn't talk about him in my Monday post, or my Tuesday post, but you know what I am going to come right out and say it. NO PATO, NO PROBLEM. Someone hang a for sale sign on his house while he is tending to this current injury.

-Milan cleaned house at the Oscar's del Calcio:

Zlatan best player in Serie A
Max best Coach
Silva best Defender
El Shaarawi best Serie B player

The best Club and GK however were swept by Udinese, and frankly well deserved.

-Tomorrow Milan take the field against Lazio for the Coppa Italia, the first of two meetings in a two week stretch. I will reiterate that I believe this season's Coppa Italia is important to Milan because we can't conquer Europe until we have conquered Italy again, and what better way then a domestic double. Lazio are limping a bit at the moment but Edy Reja team's are always a formidable opponent, I wouldn't expect an easy match in this one by any stretch.