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A Diversion

So on New Year's Eve I was presented with a question that I want to share with all you. Tomorrow we can get back to business as usual but today a little New Year diversion...

The big topic this year is who can beat Barca and how, so if you could take 11 players from the past and presentand well as a Coach, who would it be and why?

Coach - Allegri 4-3-1-2

Who has come closer to beating Barca than Max? Sorry Jose, not so special. The key here though being the formation and the balance that is so paramount to modern football.


WC and CL winning fullback who can kill it going forward and just as good on defense.

CB-Baresi and Franz Beckenbauer

Before Pepe wanted to add midfielders to the defense for passing and possession, Baresi and Der Kaiser were already doing it. Imagine Messi having those two chase him around.


No explanation needed.


From 03-07 was there anyone better than Rino? Don't agree, ask CRON if anyone stopped him quite like Rino did.


I still think there was no better pivoting DM EVER. He could do it all and won it all to boot.

LDM-Frankie Rijkaard

Comfortable making forward runs and shielding the defense. Who better to beat Barca then one of their own.


For me one of the best ever if not the best ever. One minute he is scoring on a half-volley the next he is kicking you in the back of the legs. That kind of grit and class is rare, if not extinct, but his play is just what you need to stop the Barca machine.


Ask Piqué who the best striker he ever played against was. He may say Suarez, RvP, or Rooney. None of those guys could shine Robbie's boots.


This team needs an Argentine to rival Messi and who better than the best? His dashing almost a incisor like runs were unstoppable for World Class defenders, imagine the carnage on Barca's defense?

Back to regular business tomorrow, we have to discuss Carletto to PSG and we need to make a list of things that Pato needs to pack for Paris.