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Some More Derby Comments...

A few odds and ends that didn't make it into the recap, but stuck out in my notes...

-Zonal Marking used the term "Flat-Track Bullies" to describe Milan yesterday in the following:

Now, they have a midfield that is highly powerful and functional rather than intelligent. Demolishing bottom half clubs shouldn’t be a problem, but against top quality opponents, they need something a little cleverer. It’s summed up by their record in Serie A so far – against the top six they’re P5 W0 D2 L3, against everyone else they’re P13 W11 D2 L0. They are currently the best example imaginable of flat-track bullies.

Sadly, many a Milan fan will take this to heart without even considering the fact that with twenty teams in Serie A, a squad's record against the top six, a total of 36 potential points, has only some bearing on the title. The maximum point haul for an undefeated team in Serie A would 114, subtract the top six and you get 78 total points. Milan won the title last season with 82 points, so you really only need 4 points out of 36 from the top teams to win the title. Being "flat-track bullies" is not a problem or an anomaly, it is simply a great way to start a title run. Sure it is nice to beat the best when you are top of the table, but this notion that Milan can't win a title without beating all the big boys is not mathematically sound.

- Inter's goal yesterday was a bit of a comedy of errors, and given the same pattern of played Abate would have easily stopped the ball. Sometimes things simply don't go your way. The thing is credit needs to be given to Inter who snapped on the counter and took advantage of Milan's own way of lulling not only their opponents to sleep in possession but themselves as well.

-A point lost in all the moaning yesterday was that Allegri was extremely proactive with his subs. Moving Zambro off and shifting Urby early in the second half was the mark of a man that wanted a win, his team's response was sadly not on the same page.

-Also lost in yesterday's mess was the fact that in only a few minutes El Shaarawi created more chances and troubled Julio Cesar more than Pato did in the full 90. Anybody else miss FAntonio?

-How much longer is Esteban Cambiasso going to be a thorn in Milan's side? I mean he was a boss in the midfield yesterday and did everything asked of him, I hated him before the Derby I hate him more now.

- The more strikers Allegri threw at the problem yesterday, the less of the ball we saw. Anyone else see a coincidence? Balance is crucial, without it you have nothing, it doesn't matter how much talent you have on the pitch without the ball you are nothing.