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Odds and Ends

So a few things to discuss, but the first being the most important. As you read this I will be headed to Greece. I know it is not the mother land, but the opportunity presented itself and I am off. It's not a short trip, two weeks exactly, and with the start of the season upon us, it puts me in a little conundrum. Good news is I will get to enjoy the Lazio and Barcelona matches abroad, probably while drinking some Zeos or Ouzo, the bad news is posting will be intermittent, if at all. Depending solely on Wi-Fi availability which should be accessible somewhere. In my absence however I leave you in the capable hands of the AC Milan Offside Podcast co-host, Chad. With Arsenal in a bit of tail spin it seems Chad wants to enjoy the finer things, like a team defending a Title! He will be posting Elaine's top-class game day banners in my absence and the occasional musings or recaps when I can't fill in. So keep visiting, keep posting, and most importantly keep doing what you do best...making this one of the best places to discuss Milan anywhere on the web!