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Hello Barcelona

Well the doomsday crew got their wish, the dreaded Barcelona!? I have already commenced shaking in my boots, as have eleven Rossoneri players, one Scudetto winning Coach, a four time CL winning owner, and somewhere I am sure Maldini is fidgeting and biting his nails in impending DOOM. There you have it, we are doomed. Considering, the current state in which our team rests I would simply call Pep and tell him to register not one, but two, five-nil scoreline, as we are better off not playing the game or making the trip. Our midfield is slow, our strikers don't score enough, our defense lacks depth and our Coach is a half-wit to match our Management...oh the humanity...

So if you got a laugh out of the above statement then I am glad, as I enjoyed wearing the hat of a raving lunatic even if it was for just a minute. Let's be honest here, this is a welcomed challenge, win or lose, Milan and Max Allegri are going to match themselves up against the defending Champions, a team that some would call the best in the World. Let's do this, because if you are going to be the best, then you may as well beat the best, and if we don't? We learn some lessons, look at positives, and move forward...last I checked you actually play the game for a one ever won Old Big Ears on paper.

On a positive note the rest of Group H is not so bad, so win the games you have to, and draw what you can't:

AC Milan
Viktoria Plzen

For those hoping that Udinese had gone through so we would be in pot one, look at Arsenal's draw:

Borussia Dortmund

We are better off where we stand.

So I leave you with this, in a few weeks time we will take on the best in the World, regardless of where you stand in the Doomsday camp, this is what Football is all about. Playing the best, challenging yourself against the best and maybe just maybe coming out on top...I can't wait.