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Welcome Alberto Aquilani

While it is not yet 100% Official, the final details are being ironed out as we speak making Aquilani a Milan player. The terms of the deal are as follows:

-first year loan free
-We pay 2.5m of his wages, Scousers pay 1.5m.
-Option to buy for 6m spread over 3 years
-2.5m/year contract if purchased.
-Mandatory purchase if he makes 25 appearances
-Payment starts on June 2012.


Now for those few who were complaining about Fester's lack of action this transfer window, or why Milan won't simply splash the cash, no reason to name names because you know who you are, you should refrain from celebrating this move and have to wear a helmet that says the sky is falling. That seems like just punishment, until we sign another player before the market closes and you have to don your helmet again.

All kidding aside, this is why I believe in AC Milan. Liverpool wanted 16M, Juventus offered 12-14M, Milan got their man for 6M spread over 3 years! If that isn't master class negotiating, then I don't know what is. While teams are willing to write the big check, it is guys like Fester still willing to do the dirty work and get the deal done proper, without being the guy who paid the most, admirable, and something that should benefit Milan in the years to come. Fester is like a shark, he preys on weakness, and uses the player's desire to leave against the Club. Good negotiating skills allow you to see the big picture, and who benefits from what, Fester is a master at this.

As for Aquilani, he is not the most creative player, but who needs it anyway! He does fit the bill in what Allegri wanted. Midfield depth and a player capable of playing in the "hole" and the left or right side of midfield. Allegri seems to crave versatility and using players in different roles for different scenarios, now add Aquilani to that list with the likes of Boateng, Cassano, Seedorf and Robihno. Not to mention with seven days still left to the market, it is now Fester's time to shine. Montolivo? Parolo? Now we wait! Market has been closed for Milan before, don't believe everything you read.

In case you may have missed it, I did a little preview for about none other than Udinese, a Club I have tremendous admiration for and who I wish the best of luck today!