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Tuesday Milan Musings

I feel like a broken record when I say news remains slow, but I am not kidding. So here are a few blips for your thoughts and comments...


It appears the brass is looking for a creative way to remove Milan from under the Fininvest umbrella. I tried to shed some light on this issue a few days ago, and while some seemed to be OK with the huge fine levied against Berlu. This move reinforces my feeling that this fine is significant, and can harm Milan, so moving them into their own solely owned venue would in fact be beneficial. Not to mention a much cleaner presentation when Financial Fair Play is instituted as the Club's books wouldn't be directly linked with a giant conglomerate.


Milan appear in poll position for a Montolivo bid today. The Viola Captain is now ex-captain, and it appears the door is open for his sale. Milan are prepared to make a 5.5M dollar bid along with half ownership of Alberto Paloschi valued at 2.5M putting Monty's value at 8M. This is very reasonable, and maybe a sign that money is in fact tight and being monitored by Uncle Fester. Personally I like the move, Milan have worked wonders with players who have stalled at their current Club's and often times have provided a change of scenery necessary for the success of the player. Asamaoh was surely the better buy, but this is a welcomed move for midfield lacking experience outside of a few old work horses.


With the Brazil and Argentina being bounced out of the Copa America, one has to ask if the balance of power is shifting in South America as it has in Europe? Brazil's choice to forget Dunga by going simply with style over substance proved costly, and Argentina's unwillingness to embrace any sort of tactics spelled their demise. Watching teams like Uruguay and Paraguay who are less creative, less flashy, but more balanced, move on in the tournament says a lot for the trending in the modern game.