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It Starts...


Today is the day that some fans love and others loathe, if your Club has money to spend and is ready to spend it then this is an exciting time. But if your Club doesn't you are probably clutching your favorite player's jersey hoping it doesn't become a throwback thanks to some crazy days in the summer. Don't worry, it will be over before you know it but here are some tips to cope in case you can't stand the madness:

1. Drink, and heavily, you can't worry about Nasri going to Man City if you are to drunk to stand up!

2. Step away from the computer, in fact try going outside, it is amazing what natural light does for your skin.

3. In true Italian fashion, become a cynical skeptic. This is simple, when your pal tries to tell you Juventus made a bid for Pastore, you laugh, and say that isn't true. When he says no it's true, they have come to terms, you of course in snarky fashion say, "same as Aguero!?" and then emphatically walk away shaking your head. Bottom line, don't believe a single rumor until you see said player holding up a shirt, that Suazo deal still haunts me...even then, wait a few days.

That should help cope, but a better idea, grab some family and friends and enjoy the Holiday weekend. I hear the beach is nice this time of year...