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Season Recap: Midfield

Time for midfielders…

Ambro – B

Tough with the injury, but before he went down he was bossing the Milan midfield much like Van Bommel after him. Sitting in front of the defense he looked like a man reborn, playing simple and keeping Milan in great tactical shape for the early part of the season. Even his bursts forward were excellent, and injury kept us from seeing how good he could have really been this season.


So many highs and lows for Rino this season. The Tottenham debacle was black mark on a fine season, but his leadership and tenacity are irreplaceable. Every time people want to say he is finished he comes back stronger, what he lacks in pace he makes up in heart, and his goal against Juve still stands as a crucial one on the season giving us a much needed 1-0 win.


Also reborn under Allegri, he came on strong to finish the season when Milan needed him most. He is no longer a player for the future, but his value on the bench will be useful next season. He wore the Captain’s armband for Milan for the first time, a well deserved honor, and one that seemed to translate to the pitch. Credit to Max for getting a little more out of Clarence.

Pirlo – D

Injury aside, even when he was on the pitch he struggled for form. Moving him to LM looked like a stroke of genius but then injury struck and he was unable to regain his place. A sad way to see off a legend, but with both team and player having different expectations and looking toward the future Pirlo’s time at Milan is complete.

Flamini – D

In and out of favor, he was like Jekkyl-Hyde, one minute flying in to shank the ball high and wide, the next he is putting in a two-footed challenge that would make even the toughest fan cringe. Scored a single goal on the season, and when he played in a control manner was an asset, but sadly played more like the chicken without a head and maybe cashing in on him may not be a bad idea.

Merkel – C

Played well when called upon, didn’t set the World on fire, but has a lot to learn and grow. Reminded me a bit of Gourcuff as a player, but only the good non-mental parts. Versatile enough to play behind strikers and on the flanks, a good asset for the future.

Strasser –C

Same can be said for Rodney, played well when called upon, but never stellar enough to make him a first teamer. Scored a crucial goal and was rewarded with an up-close and personal grab by Cassano. Will make a decent DM if he continues to grow.

Urby – C

The January signing made an impact in the Copa Italia, but did little else. Has a lot of room to learn still and because Milan doesn’t employ wingers looked a little out place. I thought he could be a LB, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, interested to see what the future holds for Urby. Maybe be a better bargaining chip than a first teamer.

Van Bommel – A

Coming in for Ambro, and filling his shoes flawlessly was a key to the Title. Sure he got some cards thrown his way, but what did we expect. Played so well in fact he earned himself a second year in Red and Black, rightfully so, like many scudetto before it, this one has Dutch hands on it, thanks to Mark Van Bommel.

Prince – A

This guy brought it all, played wherever Allegri needed him to, and was a beast in front of goal. One of the most crucial signings of the season after Zlatan, and will be a fixture in Milan for years to come. Where he plays is up to Max, but at this point as long as he is on the pitch we will reap the benefits.