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Season Recap: Finally

This one is long overdue, partially because of the Wordpress problems making posting an evening long event, but the rest of me feeling like if I summarize and recap the season the celebration is over. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but with a recap comes the transfer season and then the defense of the Title, surely it will be a busy summer.

I am going to break down this down by positions, starting with GKs and Defenders and working my way up to Allegri. I will do it much like I did last year with letter grades, so feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

Abbiati – A

What more can I say, for me he was the difference maker this season, MVP. Whenever he was called upon he came up big, and his steady calm hands made sure Dida-esque howlers were a thing of the past. The once and future GK is now a fixture, the only concern is grooming the next best Milan GK.

Amelia – C

He was winless for much of the season, and when he did play it was usually behind an injury riddled team. His final game against Udine got him into the C range, and frankly that game alone was close to a B. A great backup, but his heart is Rome, where he wants to play, so time for Milan to cash in. Grooming a GK under 25 is better in the long run anyway.

Abate – B

The improvement shown this season was stellar. Not being considered for Prandelli’s setup is really no one’s fault but the ex-Viola tactician. His touch, his pace, and his reading of the game are maturing with every minute and soon much of Italy and Europe will know what we already do, Abate is the RB of the future. So why not an A you ask? Because A’s are given out to easy these days, it is for the cream of the crop, like the next guy!

Silva – A

Excellent year from Silva who is attracting from Club’s across Europe. Milan would be foolish to sell, in fact foolish to even entertain a sale. CB’s like Silva are once in a generation and we got him! Now is time to give him a proper partner to grow into a ten year partnership, Astori anyone?

Nesta – B

One year older, and visibly slower, there were times this season that I began to see cracks in the unflappable Alessandro. Playing every game will most likely no longer be an option, but when he is on his game he is still top class, a one year deal was fair, and he can fade into the sunset like the Legend he is. Not his best year, but at his age I can’t fault him.

Antonini – F

What a difference a year makes, asked to do more defending than last season his reading of the game was lacking. Watching Abate truly master the flank leaves me a bit frustrated and disappointed in Ants, who I thought could make the LB his own, instead he will be a backup for the at least next season, if not more.

Bonera – F

Like Oddo last season he was on the pitch for many of Milan’s dropped points, not a RB, not a CB, not a LB he was used in all three, and didn’t really excel. Selling may be worth it, someone can use and give him a consistent home, that isn’t going to happen at Milan.

Oddo – C

A far cry from last year’s F, his two assists against Napoli still hold value in my mind in what was a crucial game. Stepped in when needed and did just enough to keep fans from cursing his presence. Looks like he will be around another year and the fact that he trains well and is ready when needed speaks volume to his usability and not being a distraction.

Yepes – B

His error against Totts was criminal, but the rest of his season as vice-Nesta was excellent. His ability to get forward made him a fan favorite, and when the going got tough Allegri leaned him more than all the others, a great buy by the brass to add depth and strength off the bench. Could probably start elsewhere, but happy to sub here, can’t complain.

Sokratis – F

So bad he was sent back to Genoa, much like Bonera, can play everywhere, but none of them well. His reading of the game, positioning, and tactical awareness were horrendous. Those who advocated his stay were quietly silenced every time he stepped on the pitch. Maybe he comes good, more likely he doesn’t.

Zambro – B

Same camp as Yepes, not great, but not terrible, and crucial in brining Milan success this season. Without a proper LB on the team Zambro steps up big in many occasions. Using his experience he defended well behind players who are not known for tracking back like Seedorf, Merkel and Pirlo, and did well.

Janks – NA

Injury ended his season early, and retirement was on the wings. Thanks for the memories.

Mids and Strikers to follow, stay tuned...

I want to apologize for lack of media in the posts lately, posting alone is difficult enough, embedding a photo is murder! Hopefully the issue is resolved, in meantime forgive the lack of photos...