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The Elusive Mr. X

Have to admit the start of this mercato has left me a little bit annoyed. I mean do Fester and the Milan brass take us for a bunch of children!? What is this mystery game they are playing, dropping hints of possible new players' physical attributes and appearance and expecting us to go on some wild goose chase for the elusive Mr. X. What’s next a reality show pitting transfer targets against each other, I hope this isn't true, come on Fester! I am not all that thrilled, and frankly I won’t bite, because we all know there is only one single truth to this silly season and that is the fact that Milan need a midfielder.

What type of midfielder is certainly up for debate. Some are of the belief that Allegri doesn’t want a CAM, while others believe he doesn’t want a DM, the last camp believe only that he wants a box to box type player. All the man himself has really said is that he wants a player capable of playing on the left, which can lead you to your own assumptions. The thing that matters most to Allegri, which was evident after about a month into the season, is that he craves and seeks balance, so rest assured whatever player(s) he buys that balance will continue to be a priority. So in some respects sending us out on a wild goose chase makes little sense, let alone a bit childish, when we know the player he really wants is going to be balanced, which means some of the names on the list may be more noise than reality.

As much as I may like a guy like Pastore or Fabergas, they probably don’t fit the balance bill all that well. Not to mention Allegri’s narrow 4-3-1-2 isn’t exactly the most conducive place for winger’s, making pursuits of Bale and Witsel fruitless. For me when this mercato closes, there are only two players I see as a realistic possibility for what Allegri wants and craves: Asamaoah and Hamsik. Both players can get stuck in, both can get forward, and both are versatile enough to play behind the strikers or the left side of the midfield. This sort of versatility was key to players like Prince, Merkel, Clarence, and even Robinho playing CAM and Striker, and there is no reason future player’s can’t be brought in to fit the same mold.

Outside of functionality, I have small problem with players like Cesc and Bale being brought in because of what Allegri was able to accomplish with chemistry. As talented as Cesc is, his leadership is abysmal and he has a bit of a whiny/lazy side that can get a bit annoying. In his time as Arsenal Captain, he never quite took them over the hump, and his long recovery time from injuries makes me personally question his work ethic. Was he ever really truly invested in London, and could he get invested in a Club outside of his "love" for Barcelona? Bale on the other hand says all the right things, and reminds me of the humble David Beckham we all knew before he became Mr. Spice, so who knows maybe a move to Italy sends Bale over the edge!? I like Bale, in fact I like him a lot, but having just signed Taiwo converting him into the LB of the future ala Serginho doesn't appear to be in the cards. The width of the formation thing is still a problem, and while Milan has the personnel to deviate from the formation, do we do that for one player? As you can see even my blind love for the closest thing to Paolo Maldini I have ever seen on the pitch, can be put into question!

In the end, for me at least, and hopefully for Allegri it always comes down to form over and function and you can’t go wrong with guys like Asamoah and Hamsik. So you can stop your hunt for Mr. X, it is probably all a big joke anyway to send fans into a tizzy. I don’t want to play games with my transfer targets, I want them to provide the depth and strength the team needs to further the goals of back to back Scudettos and progress in European football. Blue eyes, brown eyes, some hair, no hair (ok, truth be told, footballers should have hair, even if it looks like this!?), short, or tall it doesn’t matter to me. Just get the best guy for the job for the most reasonable amount of money and make sure Max is happy, because in the end putting a second star on the jersey or closing the gap in CL trophies with Real Madrid is all that matters. Spare me the circus, please.

Now that my ranting is done, I will probably take a nap. If this transfer season is anything like last year, we will have a rather big mess to contend with and a last minute transfer, which will probably be either Didier Drogba or Emanuel Adebayor, why you ask? Because for some reason no matter how many strikers we have and how many goals they score, Milan will always be looking for a striker!? Idiots! I am kidding, at least I hope, but last year’s mercato put me on the end of my rope and to get three players in the span of two weeks was great work by Fester, but not as great as his level headed January dealings. Here is to hoping our mercato ends early, with the same rational thought as January, and this team can get back to work building chemistry and starting the season off on the right foot. Is there a chance Zlatan is sent back to Barca? Sure, or that he is sold to Man City, of course, but until then buckle up and get ready for the silly season, just wake me up when it’s over...