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Tuesday Milan Musings

With news slow and unreliable and the silly season still a mere 10 days away, all we can do at the moment is muse...


A few months ago it appeared a foregone conclusion that Milan would raid Cagliari for Marchetti, Lazzari, and the rest of Davide Astori. This no longer seems to be the case, and Cellino is playing hard ball. No surprise Milan were keen on Marchetti as the heir to Abbiati with an eye on selling Amelia to Roma. This would have been a good piece of business to hedge against injuries but also to prepare for the future. Now with teams like Lazio, Inter and Arsenal interested in Marchetti it appears Milan have lost a foothold with Cagliari. The Lazzari rumors are all but dead, but Milan want to bring Astori back while Cagliari would like to hold on for one more year. Learn from Nesta and play less at Milan, or play more at Cagliari...tough call if you ask me.

-The Little Pharaoh

The Little Pharaoh is all but confirmed. Milan get a young CAM with an eye toward the future and Italian passport. Couldn't be happier on this one.

-The Captain Speaks

Ambrosini has come out this week and stated that retaining the Title is expected and that the CL is on the "to do" list for next season. He also claimed that Milan could compete with everyone in Europe but Barcelona, the current CL Champs. Many fleeting fans, even on the blog, would most likely argue that this is incorrect, but I happen to think otherwise. Many seem to forget last seasons CL team for Milan was thin in depth, riddled with injuries, and missing cup tied players. This season Allegri has a large roster at his disposal and while a CL win may be optimistic a good run is certainly possible. My CL 2011-2012 lineup:

Abbiati; Abate, Mexes, Silva, Taiwo; Rino, Van Bommel, Ambro; Prince; Robinho, Zlatan

-Trimming the Fat

Some of the Club officials and players have come out and said the roster is a bit large and it is time to "trim the fat" frankly everyone can probably stand to lose a little dead weight, I mean shedding some of the heft in January proved title worthy, time to do it again. In no particular order:

Bonera, Flamini, Oddo, Urby (harsh, maybe, but he isn't a LB, he isn't a Striker, and he isn't really a LM. He is a LW, and Allegri doesn't play wingers...surplus to need.)

-Trade Bait

Cassano is more like trade bait than Rossoneri at the moment. While I can argue for his stay, I can argue for his departure just the same. A trade for Hamsik would nice, so would getting D'Agostino from the Viola. But losing a player who can contribute so much on the ball is always a tough call. He came up big last season off the bench on more than one occasion, and how do you part ways with a game changer? Some like to dismiss Fantonio, calling him the "Italian Ronaldinho" or "Fat-tonio" fine by me, but take a look at what his contributions got us when the team needed him most. You can compare all you want, in the end the Scudetto speaks for itself a big difference from a statuesque contributor. I say he stays, but if he wants to play game in and game out, he needs to go, but make it somewhere of value to Milan.

-The Traitor of Milan

Uncle Fester is shocked that Leo has left Inter!? Are you? I mean, he leaves Milan, joins Inter, of all teams, and now bites that hand to boot. You know what they say, or better yet, you know what Rino says...

At least now Inter and Milan fans can agree on something. When the going got tough, he got going, says a lot about the man. Good luck at PSG, your imminent journey into football obscurity is upon us. He keeps burning bridges like this, he will be coaching third division youth soccer in Siberia.

-Raiding Udine

Yesterday I read a great comment from PhantomZZ:

"Hey guys whats up with Udinese?? Why the hell are they messing around with a team that did so well to qualify for the CL!?
I can understand a Sanchez move for big bucks, that's a sacrifice they may have to take, but they should draw the line there and use that money on increasing squad depth. All their best players are being linked to other clubs. Handanovic to Inter, Asamoah to Milan, Zapata to liverpool, Sanchez to Barca. Who in the world will sell all their best players in every position in one summer?? I hope Udinese stick with the same team and not fuck up in the CL qualifiers!!!"

I always ponder this very question. A small Club busts their hump and qualifies for the CL, then they hang for sale signs on their best players and crash out of the qualifying round. Once that happens you get to here from sore loser Roma and Viola fans about how it is better they qualify then teams like Udinese, Samp or Chievo because they don't sell players and at least make the knock out rounds before they embarrass themselves.

With that said I think Udinese is a bit different, always have. They are like the Arsenal of Italy, they may never win a trophy, maybe a bit more like Arsenal than I thought! But they scout, sign and nurture talent better than any Club in Italy. Every few years they go through a cycle, and continue to stay strong, if selling Sanchez means 3 to 5 new young stars, then so be it. They will be stronger in the long run. What bothers me more is the fact that Udinese's management doesn't hold themselves in higher regard, they have a good team, dynamic and well balanced, why not keep Sanchez and make a run? It is simply a matter of an opinion. So yes I can justify selling Sanchez, but you got to hang on to the rest, and it appears they may do just that, or at least as best as they can.