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The Little Pharaoh

I got a glimpse of El-Sharaaway playing for Padova in January against Novara. Frankly I was more intrigued with watching Novara than caring about the boy they call the "Little Pharaoh. Problem is he caught my eye with a great goal, one I haven't forgotten, and even in Monday's musing piece this move was clearly on my mind.

It helps to be sitting at the negotiation table with Genoa again, a Club with which Milan has a very good rapport and now has a host of players co-owned. This love affair started with Borriello going to Genoa and scoring 20 plus goals, since then Fester and Preziosi are on speed dial, and to call the team a Milan farm system or player laundering Club is not that far fetched. This tends to happen in Serie A, but usually when a minnow aligns with one of the big three, never have two fairly prestigious Clubs been able to have this sort of arrangement. An arrangement that for the most part benefits both teams pretty well.

We all know what happened with Prince, and what could be considered a Title winning move for Milan. Now Milan are in the process of finalizing a move for Stephen El-Sharaawy, a highly rated 18 year old of Egyptian/Italian descent, and a player many in Europe have called Italy's future heir to the #10 shirt. The Club's have valued the player at 20M, but Milan are paying 10M now on co-ownership with the rest to be determined, in turn Milan are sending Alexander Merkel to Genoa on co-ownership. Not exactly a like for like, but Milan begins the grooming process for a CAM under the influence of Allegri and Clarence, and Genoa gets a box to box midfielder who would struggle to find worthwhile minutes for AC Milan. Now I know the price is a little steep, but at 10M for a co-own with a buyout out of 10-15M next season, Milan may be making an investment towards the future on a player who many believe will be an asset for Club and Country.

I hate youtube videos, especially compilations, but this one is a little different, so have a look at some game action...