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Monday Milan Musings...

Been a while since I did a musings piece, mostly because news is slow, but with the off-season in full swing and the silly season heating up, it is time to muse…

-This one was shocking on a few fronts. Pippo Inzaghi may join Fiorentina who are resigning to lose Gilardino and hope to replace him with a proven goal scorer. Well no secret Pippo can score goals, but being resigned to losing Gila is a bit odd? I mean he did little last season and both player and Club would be foolish to part company now. Fiorentina have also been linked with a move for Cassano, maybe a summer of fun with Fiorentina is in the cards with Milan considering Montolivo as well.

-Urby Emanuelson has come out said he wants to stay at Milan. Not really a LB, and not a really a narrow LM, Urby doesn’t seem to have a home in Allegri’s system, but what winger would? So while I respect him wanting to stay and fight for his place, at some point you have figure the reason he is talking about not leaving is because he is considering a move. Not a bad piece of business for Milan if they can sell for at cost or higher and make a profit.

-Zambro urges Milan to sign Marek Hamsik. Personally I love when player’s come out and make their transfer urges and desires known, always makes me chuckle. I mean who wouldn’t want Marek Hamsik! Not really a tough bandwagon to jump on, but always a good laugh when player’s make transfer demands. Imagine Bonera or Oddo coming out and saying we need defensive reinforcements…priceless!

-This morning it seemed Milan would be making a move for Aquilani rather quickly, this never seemed to materialize, regardless this move makes sense. Sure he used to play for Roma and Liverpool and he has penchant for getting injured. But his improvement last season was strong and he can provide depth and play behind the strikers or wide in the narrow three man mid, depth and versatility, cornerstones to Allegri's winning Milan. Plus he can hack it in Seria A and for many has a chip on his shoulder with something to prove, who doesn't want a player with that mentality?

-Relations with Palermo may be on the up and up and with signs of life surrounding Antonio Nocerino! No secrets here, his skill set is one I look for in a player, and while I really like Asamoah, Nocerino is the next best thing. Who knows maybe we grease the wheels for Pastore if relations with crazy Zamp improve!

-Hot and heavy on Witsel last week has turned to cold as ice, Standard want far more than what Milan believe the player is worth with the difference being in the 5M range. No sweat off my back, personally prefer Defour to Witsel, but Milan haven't stopped creatively searching for players in countries other than Brazil, FINALLY! With a new Danish talent in the cross hairs, it is moves like these that pay dividends. As for Witsel and Defour, in case you haven't noticed take a look at Belgium's roster and ages, if ever there was a dark horse World Cup team to put some money on, this is the team!

-Remember this name, Stephen El Shaarawy, what I saw from this kid at Padova this season was electric. Seven goals in 25 appearances, decent size, comfort on the ball beyond his age, and on Milan's radar. He is currently owned by Fester's favorite transfer partner Genoa, so it seems Milan are in the driver's seat for the player of Italian and Egyptian descent. If something does happen it will most likely be a sign and stay so the player can continue to develop at Genoa and get lots of minutes, once Seedorf is put to pasture the youngster can brought in to fill the role that many believe will benefit both Club and Country.