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Season Recap: Strikers


Pippo – B

His goals against Madrid were epic, busting his ass to get back on the pitch before the end of the season legendary.

Cassano – B

The only thing standing between Antonio and A was his fitness. But every time he was called on he did something special, be it a game tying goal or assist, his contribution was always key. A full season in Red and Black may prove truly special, but muscling into playing time may be a serious issue, Milan have a full slate of games next season, I hope Casssano realizes this and sticks around.

Robinho – A

His work rate alone earns him this mark. The man who was un-coachable, disinterested, and ill-tempered has found a new home at Milan. Now if he would just finish 1 out of every 3 chances he may have thirty goals next season.

Pato – C

Injuries marred another season and really robbed Pato of anyone continuity. When he is match fit he is stellar, but when he isn’t he fades in and out of matches and never fulfills expectations. Still has room to grow and learn but thankfully making progress.

Zlatan – A

A proven winner, eight times in a row to be exact. At times he carried this team on his back, and others he was so pestilent he was a nuisance to everyone around him. It seems this is what you get with Zlatan, Milan proved they can play without him, but with him the team has an edge that was lacking last season. He won't win you a big match, but over the long haul there is no one better.