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Wednesday Milan Musings

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Haven’t done a straight up musings piece for a long time, the season has been hot and heavy and my work load at my real job has kept from poking fun at all things AC Milan. I also have to be honest I am not quite ready to anoint us Champions quite yet, are we close? Sure, but I am an eternal skeptic, with a bit of pessimist thrown in for good measure. So until I can count on my fingers and maybe even toes the points that secure the Title I may never be comfortable. Sure we can wrap things up this weekend, but if this season has taught us anything, Milan likes to take the long road and walk it!

Taiwo, Taiwo, Taiwo

Lots of noise this week from the OM LB, and a lot of it related to Milan. Personally, have always liked the guy as a player, was keen on him last season when we Milan played Deschamps and company in the CL. The fact that he can come on a free is even better, despite his non-EU passport. It is also no secret I have an affinity for African players, they tend to blend grit, skill, hardwork, and pace, all aspects I like in footballers. I also feel like in the last decade Milan has lost touch with the continent that gave us the great George Weah, while other teams were gobbling up players like Essien, Drogba, and Mikel…OK maybe just Chelsea, but you get my point! We need a LB, and Taiwo is A-OK my book, would I prefer Criscito and Balzaretti? Of course, but he is a near third on my list. The only gripe I have for Taiwo is don’t be a high school girl about it, sorry high school girls, but I am sick of players saying I love Milan, I love ManU, I love ManCity…just say you love money! We all know it, and don’t go yanking our chains, last week he was in bed with Milan, this week he said he wants to play in the EPL with his countrymen, make up your mind pal.


Early in the season some of the faithful readers asked for Amelia in his place. I was livid, how could anyone not see the unflappable skill this man posseses, or the ability to be dormant like a dragon and make that game saving stop as though he was dialed in all match? For those who don’t believe GK’s are one of the most important spots on the pitch, look back at Title winning teams and what do you always see? A World Class backstop, you don’t think Wenger would give his three youngest Frenchmen for a guy like Abbiati!? Guess again. Even the best defenses, like Milan’s this season, gets caught napping on occasion and you can have a guy that lets those goal in or makes saves like the one we saw on Sunday? You decide, I know where I cast my vote. He is my MVP, and the fact that Amelia was win less all season until last week should tell you something, why Fester and Carletto didn’t see this three years ago is beyond me.


Am I the only person on Earth skeptical of this guy? I mean he has done his best Edin Dzeko impersonation, who we will get to in a moment, and played Milan like a fiddle. Worst of all he pulled a Leo and said it will be Milan or Inter!??! That alone threw me over the edge, but why isn’t anyone questioning his play on the pitch? Is he talented? I don’t see any reason why he can’t be, but his price tag and his lack of real game experience is mind boggling. Anything greater than 15M on this guy is far to much, and personally would rather bring a guy like Diego back to Serie A to fill the hole behind the strikers. I may be the only one, but I am not sold on Ganso, not yet at least, and please don’t tell me he will be awesome, because you don't know. Better yet don’t even dare tell me he is good in FM or FIFA, because I don’t give a damn.

Edin Dzeko

The sluggish awkward KJH style striker scored his first goal in league for ManCity this week, anyone who stopped caring about Edin you did good. But I watched closely, because frankly, I didn’t have that superstar feeling about him, the same way I wasn’t sold on my favorite traffic cone when he was scoring goals like Ronaldo scored hookers. He came from a soft defensive league, with a great strike partner, and moved to a strong bullish league where he would be asked to play alone up top. Tall order considering he hasn't earned much playing time, and finally got his first goal. Can he come good? Maybe, but it will take a lot of hard work that a guy with a fat paycheck who may not be willing to put in the effort. I hope I am wrong on that, but for everyone who thought he was the second coming, could play in any formation, or was going to succeed in any league…can I please have your apologies? As I always said, if he looks like a flop, and plays like a flop, he is probably a, wait for it, a FLOP.


I have always done my best to both be and preach accountability on this blog. I kind of made that a theme throughout this musing post, in case you missed the subtleties. Bottom line, if you say something foolish, own it, and I will always be accountable for my unabashed love for Marco Borriello. Until now…I mean really, Marco, what were you thinking…at least I can find solace in the fact that it was with his ridiculous Roma teammates that he made this gem and not in the Red and Black. I mean you could say it was for charity, but I leave you with this…shudder...

clip 2 from dielle on Vimeo.

Back with a Bologna preview in a day or two!