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Back to Reality...

It is amazing what few days off the grid can do for you. I apologize profusely for my absence, but the sense of appreciation for you as readers and my support for AC Milan is simply better after a few days away. With that behind me it is time to roll up my sleeves and get ready for the home stretch just like Max Allegri and our AC Milan!

I was going to recap the Fiorentina match and I appreciate all the responses to my questions, but that game is history and firmly in the rear view mirror. Three points earned and while Zlatan’s foolish red card puts Milan at a disadvantage, the team has been in this position before but if they can destroy Inter in a derby without him then anything is possible. Now the cross hairs rest on Sampdoria and while it is a shame to kick a team when they are down, this isn’t personal, it is just business and business is good when you are sitting atop Serie A and checking off the points until we can celebrate a title.

This fixture has been trouble at times, but this Sampdoria is much different. No Cassano, who I will discuss more later, and no Pazzini and with an Owner who seems lost and Coach who won’t quit no away wins since November and win less since February is not much of a surprise. From almost CL qualifiers to bottom dweller is a long hard fall, but I can’t sit here and feel bad and as poor as this may sound I like the idea of potentially getting Ziegler, Poli, or even Palombo on the cheap if this team can’t fight their way out of relegation as they sit one point out of the drop zone. Now this doesn’t mean this is a push over game, it never is, but Milan needs to take care of business here and keep making some breathing room.

I said I was going to talk about Cassano earlier, and we all know what I am thinking. He MUST start against his old Club, no one can ever fault his passion and his goal in a Milan jersey against Bari was proof of that. Let the guy play, he has an axe grind and no reason not to let him grind that to the tune of a goal, assist, or any combo of the two. Some want Robinho alongside Pato, and while I would say that was OK, the circumstances of the match call for a Cassanata. Behind him and Pato it has to be Prince who continues to be stellar and simply a game changer when he plays behind the strikers, and the results prove it.

I have called for Pirlo week in and week out since he returned to training, so this week I will stop, and Clarence has seemed to excel in his role in the left of midfield so the choice belongs to Max on this one. I can’t argue, with him either way and it appears with the time and space created by the 2 DMs and Prince ahead it turns the clock back for both players. The only other concern is Nesta hasn’t recovered but Yepes seems to be an OK deputy to the steady CB and for those in doubt it further reinforces that the Sokratis experiment is a failure. We can debate it at the end of the season so we can focus on more important things at the moment, but I no longer question Allegri’s choices and I hope it leads to another three points.

Glad to be back and looking forward to this weekend…