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Fiorentina 1 Milan 2: A Pre Review

I can’t help but feel a bit like the great Ernest Hemingway today as a I sit on a cliff side balcony, gin and tonic in hand and just having finished highlighting tomorrow’s trail map. It is peaceful in the Hudson River Valley and as I listen to the water hit the rocks it feels more and more like the middle of nowhere every passing minute. I craved a simple disconnectedness, something in me the past few weeks just wanted to be outside, away from my job, away from the game, and away from everything. Like pushing the reset button, but no matter how you attempt it, it never seems to work out that way…for those interested here is that view…


It is almost a surreal experience to try and unplug, almost impossible in this day age, and even with my phone turned off and a promise not to log on until today to see the result was difficult. When I finally looked I went through a strange mix of emotions, I saw the 2-1 win and the time of the goals and immediately thought to myself well Milan dominated early and let Fiorentina back into, not bad, but not great. In the end not the worst result away from home, the lineup was as expected, and the result was as needed. As I read post match report after post match report I felt confirmation in my belief until I saw the black mark on the scoresheet, a Zlatan red card! I was a bit shocked, how could it be, first game back a red? To make matters worse some outlets claimed it to be a straight red as opposed to a second yellow, for dissent of all things!? So here I am in the middle of nowhere with a mixed bag of feelings of questions.

Now time for some full disclosure, I plan on watching the match this evening, on this balcony, but thought I would post this before I crawl back into my cave of disconnectedness. I know it is a but like passing the buck but I can use your help in answering these questions before the match. You don’ t have to answer all my questions but a few would be helpful, then when I watch the match, and get inspired to “connect” again I will try a funky recap. So here it goes:
1. Is Seedorf experiencing a resurgence in Pirlo’s wide role because of time and space on the ball or because of his own doing?
2. Was Seedorf’s first goal as pretty as made out to be with interchange and finish?
3. Did Pato and Zlatan finally find some link?
4. Was Zlatan involved in every goal as claimed?
5. Yepes good, bad or indifferent?
6. Was Zambro a liability?
7. Million Dollar Question: Is Zlatan an idiot? Was the Red deserved? Can we survive two more matches possibly without him?

Maybe I will be back tomorrow, maybe not, but if you don't hear from me by the weekend, send a search party. In the meantime I am going to go try and extend my stay...