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The Trip to White Knuckle Lane

So real life threw me a curve! With presentations today and tomorrow for both Work and Coaching my preview outline isn't going to see the light of day, so I need your help. My outline topics are below, feel free to give your thoughts on them and we can reconvene in the comments. Also check out the Podcast which covers a few of the points below as well as a perspective on Totts unique to an Arsenal fan!

1. Can Zlatan finally make an impact on a European night?

2. How important is having KPB fit?

3. 2-1 sees Milan through, can it be done!

4. How do you stop Gareth Bale, is Abate enough?

5. Will Pato finally have his big night in the CL?

Again I apologize, but this will give you a chance to weigh in as well, so please take advantage and I look forward to replying in the comments!