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Drum Roll Please...

In what appears to be the speed of light Elaine has edited the FIRST EVER AC MILAN OFFSIDE podcast that was recorded from an undisclosed wooden box last night deep in the woods of Connecticut. Please go easy on us as it was our first one, a little lengthy, maybe even a little scattered, but a whole lot of fun!! Now I will leave you to listen, but please comment and feedback is greatly appreciated as it will help make this podcast as exciting for you as it was for us to do. Hope you like it!

Download this episode (right click and save)

As mentioned in the podcast, we want this to be about you, so we will pick from the comments and discuss hot topics but anything you want discussed, we could even do a Q&A style session where we answer reader questions, if you want it you got it!!

Avia has already weighed in with his take on the Pato-Ramos rumor!!

Hey Gian

Regarding your question relating to Pato of course im happy with A) His goal, B) his fortitude in light of recent criticism. A beautiful response to his critics!

But would I still want Ramos at the expense of Pato? Hmm, im sorry but for me its still an option on the table (of course in the ideal world we would have both!)

The thing is Milan have had many epic strikers over the years and my heart has grown with each wonder goal scored but then been tragically scarred by their eventual drop off in form and then departure, sigh

The 1st name that comes up is MVB, to throw superlatives at this guy would be old hat. Lets just say for many a Milanista this guys contribution & goals will never be matched and its partly down to the fact that he could literally pull a goal from nowhere. The definitive striker. Then we have the Papins, Massaros, Simones, Weahs, Shevas, Pippos each with their own characteristics. Pato, with no disrespect, is not quite at the point of carving his name into the wall of legends as things stand.
Unfortunately, the way it usually works is that the best remembered player is the one who wins big with his club regardless of the number or quality of goals, for every Cantona there is a Le Tissier!

I have heaped praise on Pato before, the kid is close to being not just an epic striker but just a few years away from being a footballing weapon imo. This kid, in theory, and I genuinely believe this, could win you a CL cup all on his own!

But the thing is, im an old Milanista and have always associated our success with what I used to refer to as the “Bank Vault Door” defence of Tassaoti, Billy, Baresi & Maldini and Pato unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of having these guys back up his feats up front

If I have learned anything from Messrs Sacchi & Cappello its that organisation is more important than individual brilliance alone and one of the reasons im right behind Allegri is that I view him in the same mould. Its this mantra of knowing your role & being organised that I believe armed Allegri with whatever it was he needed to squeeze Dinho out and I for one thank him for it!!

Yes we all chant “Maldini” but for me our best Captain & Defender will always be Baresi, as you well know Gian my phrase is “If Maldini is the King then Baresi is the Emperor!”

But where IS the next Maldini or Baresi and why don’t I hear people screaming for him???? Well let me underpin Maldini’s thoughts. His name is Ramos! To shower Pato with praise but to simply dismiss Ramos is merely folly as your dismissing the most urgent need of this team. The kid is basically a Spanish Maldini who can be partnered with Silva or play as a RB.

These kinda defenders are far more rare than strikers and the instant Maldini referred to Ramos as being his heir apparent we shoulda signed him (but suspect we have already made a number of enquires over the years!) We already have a Pato replacement in the wings in the shape of Balotelli & Paloschi but still rolling out guys like Zambro & Oddo at the back?! Agghh!

Ramos has and always will be for me a dream signing and is still a far away possibility, if we said to Madrid give us Benz, Kaka or Higuain in exchange for our own Silva they would do it simply to have an impenetrable line at the back

The way I look at it, yes we are the top of the table currently but if you look at our stats we have scored 46 but conceded 20 in 26 games.

Let me repeat, we have conceded 20 goals in 26 games!!!!! Sorry but that stat scares me far more than Patos 10 goals

We once went a season without losing a match and went over 900 mins without even conceding one single goal

The thing is Pato may quite well bloom into one of our best, its quite possible but if we carry on on our current course without some major correction then chances are we will be still be haemorrhaging goals and unlikely to be creaming Europe until we stop conceding!

The upcoming Napoli game again has me more focused on how we stack up our defence rather than who gets a shout up front, its the first thing I check for in the pre match line up

If selling Pato means we can finally re-attach a 100 ton reinforced bank vault door to the back line then im all for it, for as much as I enjoy cheering for Patos goals I find myself slapping my forehead in anger & bewilderment as we give away stupid goal after stupid goal occurring far more often

Remember for every Parma game there is an Udinese!

Our Brazilian wonderkid could simply be in the right club at the wrong time and may eventually begin to consider offers from teams with stronger defenses than ours and if your honest would you really blame him?