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Chievo v Milan: 3 of 6

What better way to erase a loss from midweek then to keep the momentum going in Serie A?? There is no better medicine than a win, and putting the aftermath of that match behind us is best for everyone, unfortunately UEFA is yet to doll out punishments so we will have to live to read and hear about for a bit more but the best for everyone is to put some intense focus into the trip to Chievo. Sure they sit 21 points adrift of the top but this is never an easy game, and playing well organized tactically sound teams is always a challenge. I don’t expect Chievo to allow the same sort of space as Parma did, so once again passing and movement will be in the forefront. A win here is crucial as the schedule continues to get congested and the opponents of the challenging variety. As if that was enough, Sunday Milan will pay homage to Silvio’s 25 years in charge of AC Milan, and you don’t want to disappoint the boss on the big day…

Allegri will have his Cup-Tied crew at the ready and I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of them action. A midfield consisting of Van Bommel, Merkel and Emanuelson is not out of the question with Cassano in the hole behind the strikers and Zlatan and Pato most likely up top. You could also make a case for Strasser in the midfield, Merkel in the hole and Cassano alongside Ibra but this point you are splitting hairs. The biggest concern is putting Flamini high up in the stands and Rino a chance to cool it on the bench. Abbiati looks to be OK from the knock to the head and defensively Silva should return at CB. Resting Nesta may not be a bad idea so a back four of Abate, Yepes, Silva, and Antonini seems logical. Antonini is clearly not winning any praise from many of late but being the only left back on the roster save Janks is keeping him the starting lineup, I just wish he would own his position as he did last season. His lack of left foot is painful but tactically he can cut inside and fix this problem instead of looking to cross he can shoot and play the ball to the outside channel with his right foot. There is no reason he can’t interchange with a member of the attack, and if it is not on he can hold his ground as a possession passing option, he just isn’t reading the game as he should but if he simplifies matters this could be corrected.


My goal was to keep this preview short and sweet, but there is one point I want to touch on. Typically I am pretty results oriented, get the three points and get on with it, but outside of the Parma match Milan has continuously looked disjointed and out of ideas in the attacking third. Sure it has a lot to do with being forced to play a CB at CM, but enough with the excuses! I still want the result above all else, but on this day I want to see Milan come out swinging, moving the ball the way they know how, and bury Chievo the way they buried Parma, Brescia, and Bologna. Silence the Allegri critics, who seem to only focus in on the losses, and offer little in terms of reasons for their disdain. Silence the pundits who continue to bash the team for Tuesday, but above all else just remind everyone that this team is not going anywhere in the Serie A. About time to remind the donkeys, and the rest of Serie A, who the Devil is…


Six matches that may decide the Title:

Game 1 Win versus Parma
Game 2 Loss at home to Totts