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Thursday Milan Musings

So here we go again with another news round up before we start thinking about Sunday's match-up:

-It is looking more and more likely we have seen the end of Pippo at the San Siro. Allegri has asked him to stay, but a like a true stubborn Italian he wants out so he can play. Marseille is now in the queue but Italian teams such as Parma, Lazio, Palermo, and Napoli are also said to be sniffing around. Fester may actually be able to squeeze some cash out of this move at the end of the day. That is if things go according to plan...

-That plan, is Carlos Tevez, and while it looks like Carlitos and Milan are A-OK it is Man City who looks poise to lose yet again. Big money spent for Robinho, cut deal to Milan! Bigger money spent for Tevez, cut deal to Milan!? Could be, as the teams still iron out details. Another great piece of business by Fester, if in fact, the deal goes through and Tevez can get his head on straight. You have to wonder why the Sheikh even answers the phone when Fester calls!? It always ends up with him getting hosed, then again when you over spend and over paid, you can never win in the long run anyway...let that be a lesson to you!

-Nocerino was said to be OK after being subbed mid-week but he is now struggling for fitness like Prince. Those two are the new super midfielders for Milan and together they look unstoppable, but on the bench is another story, so Allegri will have to scramble. Van Bommel looks fit, Ambro played two matches in a row and Aquilani can play as well, anybody but Seedorf at this point right? Anyone remember a little French guy, looked like a chicken and ran around like one, I can't seem to remember his name...

-Another midfield we may as well cross off the list is Hamsik. With Napoli seeing their way to Round two of the CL, Hamsik looks ready to sign the dotted line and stay with Napoli. I think it's a good piece of business for Napoli who continue to grow as a team, best of luck to them in the CL.

-Speaking of CL, the City of Manchester sits stunned. Two of their prized possessions, the over paid and over priced Man City and the inconsistent Man United have been knocked out of the CL!? Dear British pundits, take note, unlike you I will take the high road, best of luck in the Europa League!

-Lastly, after his solid performance midweek versus PLZEN, it looks the future vice Abate, De Sciglio, will be going to Novara in January on a six month loan with no option to buy. He may be joined by El Sharaawi who looks to see even less time if the arrivals of Lopez and Tevez come to fruition. The De Sciglio move makes perfect sense, let the kid play, and if he is top class he can be moved to LB (unlikely) or sold because Abate looks to be going nowhere, but El Shaarawi I just don't get. While I don't think he deserves anything more than he has earned for playing time, I do think he has the talent succeed. It frustrates me that Fester would pay for the kid then bump him down by courting Maxi Lopez? Tevez, I get, Lopez I don't...