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A Little Shopping

I was going to post a piece about the Death of the Fullback in modern Football but that will have to wait for the weekend. Instead it is time we turn our attention to more pressing matters, shopping. If all goes well and Pato is sold to PSG, for far more than he is worth, then our old pal Fester gets to go shopping, and knowing the way he does business that means a fair amount of new players to help this team go from good to great. Getting your Golden Tie Ready because it is addition by subtraction at its finest.

I am still torn on this Tevez thing, Tevez the player is incredible, the perfect blend of grit and finesse, and a true asset to Allegri’s system. Tevez the person, on the other hand, is circus sideshow on the brink of lunacy. Will Italy give him the change of scenery and mentality that turned Robinho from problem child to the little engine that could? Maybe, but the risk here outweighs the reward and if Fester can bag Maxi Lopez as a fill in for Ibra, and then use Cassano and Robinho with El Shaarawi as a fill-in, the striker department is not as hard pressed as people make it out to be. I don’t think Lopez is the best option, but we really only need a fill in to cover for Ibra not compete with him as he is the focal point of the attack, so why break the bank for a player who may only have a bench role? That goes for Tevez as well?

Above all else, what this team really needs is a DM to replace the aging Van Bommel and Ambrosini duo. Both players have fallen off from last season and an injury to either could prove disastrous for Milan. The money from Pato could go onto fund a serviceable CDM. Heck, I am not his biggest fan but if Fester wants to go after DDR on a Bosman, with a loan in January, I won't argue. My dream is Alex Song, but we all know that even Pato’s over inflated cost couldn’t pry that guy from Arsene Wenger. I am sure many of you have your favorites for this position, but it is imperative the player shields the defense and plays a simple brand of football to fit Allegri’s system and allows Prince and Nocerino the freedom to get forward and join the attack. He doesn't need to be the next big thing, over-hyped, or any of that nonsense. Just give me a guy who can do what Ambro and Van Bommel do, just a few years ago and bit more pace.

Lastly, this team needs a real LB, and while I don’t think the problems we have there at the moment are catastrophic to the point of failure, as some have made them out to be. It is time we take a good hard look at the position that has been a void since Maldini moved to CB and Serginho retired. If Taiwo isn’t going to work, ship him off to Newcastle for Santon. If Milan aren’t interested in grooming then Santon, then start looking at left backs in Italy! What better way to have a player ready for the rigors of Serie A then by getting one that already plays or played there: Crisciti, Armero, or Balzaretti. Unless of course Milan wants to really splash the cash and go for guys like Ansaldi, Baines, Bale, or Maxwell.

One more minor point, for those worried Milan won’t spend the money as they did with Kaka and Sheva, times have changed. That team back then was different, under performing and keen on balancing books, those days are gone. You can sense the excitement with the performance against and the last two trasnfers windows saw plenty of movement to better the team, Robinho, Zlatan, Urby, Cassano, Van Bommel! Yes they were cheap moves and cost effective, but we still added players, and we did it Fester's way, without breaking the bank and overspending. Personally I don’t worry about this money going to the bank, Allegri wants players and Fester is out in full force! So there you have it, I always contended Pato was worth more to Milan as a pile of cash then a player, so how would you spend the money?