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Wednesday Milan Musings

Some midweek musings...

- Fester has come out and said due to the Cassano injury Milan would look to add a forward, possibly on loan, in January. This sparks a landslide of questions that I want to discuss:

What about Pippo? Says he will go crazy without football and is happy to stay at Milan, but at what point is he hindering the development of players behind him. It is a questions nobody wants to ask, especially with a Legend like Pippo, and seeing the belief around here that some fans think anyone over 30 should be put to pasture it makes for an interesting debate.

Targets? Lavezzi, Maxi Lopez, Mutu, and FabQuags have all been discussed, but what Milan really need to replace Cassano is second striker, and some would argue we already have him on the roster in El Shaarawi. So it's always Milan's conundrum, hand the reins to youth or bring in experience in an already crowded attack? Don't even get me started on Pato...

I say let El Shaarawi get some chances in December and if he asserts himself then great, if not then help is needed but again, of the second striker variety, unless of course Pato has a for sale on his non-injured leg, something we can discuss over the weekend.

-As some of you may now, Zlatan wrote a book, he lambasted Barca. Just in time for the match at the San Siro! He has done a lot of talking this summer, about retirement, growing weary of football and other things. He now says he will remain and honor his contract until 2014, at which point a Russian team will pay a heap of money for him and Milan can say their goodbyes, at least we hope. Truth of the matter is when Zlatan plays this team is much much better, so the longer he stays and the longer he stays motivated he may finally get his hands on Old Big Ears.

-Congrats to Abate for his call up by Prandelli. He has grown tremendously over the last two seasons and has gone from a winger who can defend, into a true right back to be proud of. He picks up Milan's legacy of outstanding outside backs and while many want to name Silva the next Captain of AC Milan, it is Abate who is beginning to exemplify the new AC Milan, Allegri's Milan!