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Wednesday Milan Musings

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Lots of odds and ends to discuss...

-Drogba refused to sign a new deal with Chelsea, meaning his move to Milan has been paved, but Fester was quick to cool talks. Drogba is over 30 so for some that requires he be shot instead of play football, but I guess you can make up your own mind. For those who missed, we already talked Tevez.

-Rob Paton of one of my favorite sites, Football Italia, wrote a great piece on Zlatan. His goals this season have been pivotal and if Milan can nab a domestic double and make a solid run in the CL, can we start asking about a certain Balon D'Or?

-Friday's opponent Genoa has rejected a swap to return Merkel to Milan and El Shaarawi to Genoa. The move would make sense because Milan need midfield cover and the Pharaoh needs game time, but no dice. Many have been asking why El Shaarawi was bought, and why he isn't playing, but I always fall back on the adage if a player is not playing it is most likely his own fault. Playing time is EARNED not given, so if El Shaarawi is making it happen in training then has more time to train and grow. Even a sentimental choice like Pippo needs to earn his keep, at the end of the day the players who earned it should be on the pitch.

-Dhesan passed along a great piece today from Tales of Football, before Zlatan there was a man named Liedholm and his partners in crime!

-Abbiati is out for 15 days, just as he was finding the form that made him Serie A's best last season he misses two weeks. Thank god the days of Dida and Kalac are gone and we turn to the trusty hands of Amelia.

-Don Fabio speaks, he thinks Milan, Juventus and surprising upstart Napoli are Scudetto challengers. Frankly Napoli are a scary good team, but lack depth, not to mention while they have some impressive scalps most notably Milan and Man City but they can't beat the little guys. As discussed before titles are not won by beating the big boys and losing to the rest. Juventus, without European play is scary as well, one game a week and all their eggs in one basket, makes them Milan's biggest challenger, but what about Udinese? No one wants to give those guys any credit and they are flying under the radar...

-Word on Pippo is that he may be looking for a move in January. Now I know I am being a bit lazy but I am just going to paste what I commented earlier...

This may not be the most popular view, but I trust Allegri and firmly believe that playing time is earned not given. So if Pippo isn't earning it because others are playing at a higher level, then sentimentality aside, it is time both parties move on. Look at Conte, Juventus, and ADP. ADP is a god to Juventinos, but the sun has set, Maldini went out on a high note before he could no longer contribute. There comes a time when the tough choice of loyalty and sentimentality has to be made, this may be it...

It takes absolutely nothing way from the service and achievements Pippo has given this Club, the 07CL final still sits firmly in my mind, or his double digit goals the following spring. He has always been special but players need to be more adept at knowing when their time has passed, instead of having the Coach make that determination.