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Wednesday Milan Musings

Can't talk about everything but a few things stuck out...

-Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a toy more than anything else? For me it was Voltron, and I waited patiently year after year as my Mom came up empty no matter where she looked. Then out of the blue one Christmas, when I was around 14, long after my desire for Voltron had diminished, there it was under the tree. To be honest I was pretty excited, I even transformed it a few times before I put it on my shelf to collect dust, I certainly got what I was hoping but a little to late. So how does this relate to Milan? Well when I took over this blog I had a thing for a one Didier Drogba, I mean all I wanted was to see him in Red and Black. Now with the injury to Cassano Milan may be on the hunt for a striker, and it may be Didier Drogba, sadly he may end up just like Voltron, once the novelty wears off he will collect dust on the bench. I guess it's better than Anelka, then again anything is better than Anelka. Oh yeah, notice a theme in those linked posts, Ronaldinho and a certain comment about Pato??

-Speaking of Pato he may be back for Fiorentina, if you are into gambling some fans are starting a little collection, here are your choices:

Pato scores before he gets injured: Pays 3 to 1
Pato gets injured in the first half: Pays 5-1
Pato gets injured in the second half: Pays 2-1
Pato doesn't get injured: 25-1

Poor Pato...

-Gattuso is back in training, but is still struggling with vision in his eye. Doctors say it should heal over time, but the fact that he can return to physical activity with the team should raise the spirits of team mates and assure that he will be fit if and when he returns. I actually have low helps he will return, even if his vision does correct it self, it will take time to be match fit and his body is not as young and resilient as it once was. I sure miss him though, and while many fans will call him an over the hill Senator, I know what he means to me, this Club, and his teammates.

-Montolivo is not saying anything about his move come next summer or even sooner in January. Could be Milan, could be Inter, who knows? If it is Milan he will be a welcome piece to help phase out Seedorf, and make the midfield more dynamic. As it stands Van Bommel has aged three years in a month and Ambrosini can't play consecutive games. Monty may be the new man in the middle...Aquilani, Montolivo, and Nocerino in the three man mid with Prince just ahead...WOW.

-Rumor has it Taiwo maybe on the way to the EPL or back to France in January. I think this is a big mistake, and while I know he is struggling to find his way in the Italian game, I do believe some patience with him will be rewarded. His physical attributes are all present, he just needs to sharpen up mentally and I believe that will happen only with continued effort on his part. Playing time and trust of the Coach is earned, and with the right attitude he should be able to do that, looking for a way out is not the answer.

-Berlusconi is no longer President of Italy, and word from Fester is he wants to come back as President of Milan. This has it's ups and downs, and I for one like my Owners in the stands and far away from everyday business, especially with the team playing as well as it has been. Giancarlo Rinaldi has a great piece on the matter, and I simply want to say, Silvio, we don't need anymore Ronaldinho debacles...