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Wednesday Milan Musings

As we near the International Break, I figured we may as well all talk about medical ailments...

Injuries have struck Milan hard this season and while Prince, Ambro, and Zlatan returned this past week, there are still some key players en route back to first team action. Robinho seems close as well, as does Rino and Pato. First match back being an extremely tricky encounter with Palermo, it will be good to get those players back. Palermo will also have Miccoli fit to face us, but considering Palermo's recent run against Milan, they may want to rest Miccoli!

While the injury concern seems to be waning with the first team, the blog has caught an epidemic of late. A rash of hindsight bias has made it's way to the comments, and thankfully appears localized and not terribly contagious. I do recommend however, that if at any point you feel the onset of irrational and illogical thought surrounding team selection and Coach following a poor performance, where you in fact had the benefit of hindsight, you may want to get looked at by a professional. A few common remedies at home, that I suggest you try as soon as possible to avoid turning into Zamparini:

1. sack yourself in Football Manager immediately following a loss, you probably weren't doing a great job anyway and you will get that sacking feel out.
2. log into FIFA 12, turn the difficulty down, and start all your favorite Milan youth prospects, win the Title and then boldly claim you are smarter than Allegri by winning a virtual title, kudos to you.
3. root for Catania for a whole month, come back to Milan and realize how fortunate you are.
4. go outside and declare the sky is falling, people will laugh at you, use this an analogy for your blog persona.
5. read this, realize things could always be worse.
6. review historical records of AC Milan's successful season, notice the trends and patterns, realize that titles sometimes aren't won in succession and that being competitive is not an instant result.
7. declare yourself bored with football, try a new hobby, unlike Zlatan no one here will miss you.
8. read this over and over again and utter the words, "Gigi thinks we are alright."

None of these methods are a sure fire cure, but they are a start. If all else fails, and you feel the need to to continue to self deprecate your Milan fandom, maybe its time to try a different Club, I hear Barcelona is pretty good...but try rooting for them from 2007-2009, realize that even Barcelona had some growing pains. Then when you feel shame come back, get laughed at, and maybe we will accept you with open arms. You clearly have put yourself through enough already...its the least we can do.