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Roma 2 Milan 3: Domino Effect

So yesterday we here in the Northeast were treated to a pre-Haloween snow storm. This little bit of low pressure set of a domino effect of epic proportion which I would like to explain in an effort to make up for the missing game photo and pending delay of a match review.

1. Due to the storm my soccer team's game was moved up two hours, in my haste trying to get out the door I neglected to hit publish on the match post.
2. I coached, in a blizard, we lost 4-3 in the dying minutes on an unplayable pitch.
3. I left the field to return home, a typical 30 minute drive, turned out to be a 2 hour slosh fest
4. Upon arriving home I find out we have no power.
5. Power is restored later in the evening, and as I check the DVR I learn the game has not recorded.
6. Frantically I check ESPN 3 only to learn that the game was not aired.
7. I go to sleep to end this miserable day, tomorrow will surely be better.
8. Wake up to shining sun and a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and news that today's match is cancelled, alas a lazy Sunday at home.
9. I go outside and find a surprise on my brand new VW GTI:
10. I come inside call the insurance, sort that mess, and in the meantime fail at finding the match online.
11. I then type this post, and while you read it note that I have gone back to bed in an attempt to wake up in a few hours and push reset on the day...

If you have the game send it, if you find a link send it, at this point even a reel of highlights will make this day better. At this point only a large alcoholic beverage for my second breakfast can fix this day. Look on the brightside, hopefully you saw the match and hopefully this day wasn't yours.