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Avia's Rant

I don't usually do this, first time actually. Technically, I have already had my beef with the doomsday clique, and then sat by quietly as the comments have gone the way of the crazies bashing management, Coaches, and players; while all along the team quietly climbed up the table and are on the verge of five straight victories. This is the type of run that vaults a team into the top of the table with some serious momentum. Frankly, I am sick of it, and so is Avia. Many of you may or may not know that Avia has been a fixture on this blog since the day I took over, nearly five years ago. My first comment, my first email from a reader, and our first guest on the Podcast, we may disagree at times truth be told but I trust and respect him, and because of that I gladly share his rant...

People appear to be missing the point regarding Abbiati!

Lets visit the Milan Hall of Fame and look up the keeper Abbiati replaced, his name was Sebastiano Rossi.

He was our keeper who held the record for 900+ mins without conceding a goal, he oversaw an unmatched unbeaten record that honestly felt like forever and forever and forever *sigh*

He was ALSO blessed with, what i always refer to as, the "Steel Bank Vault" defence that was Tassoti, Billy, Baresi & Maldini who im sure played a BIG part in the feats mentioned above

Elaine is TOTALLY spot on with regards to the keeper being the jewel in the crown

Why do the Barca comparisons suddenly stop??? Valdes imo is a worse keeper than Abbiati but he has a team of players infront of him who pretty much KEEP POSSESSION so very rarely conceed shots on goal

The problem starts with us losing the ball and made worse when the defenders dont to their jobs, i mentioned before how Nesta stunk in the Lazio match. The goals were more the fault of the defence than the keepers (but he TOTALLY redeemed himself against Barca) so lucky Allegri didnt have a knee jerk reaction people now seem to be clamouring for, as Gian has rightly said, its chemistry stupid! Just ask Sebastiano Rossi!

So far, i have seen people trash our new signings, our current squad members (who just last season won a scudetto), our coach, and Galliani.

The current trend now appears to be single out a player for a mistake regardless of how well he may have played in the previous match never mind the previous season. Holy Fuck!

Yes VanBml looks out of sorts but maybe people need to remember that he WORKED HIMSELF INTO THE GROUND LAST SEASON and still hasnt had much of a rest because of injures to Rino & Ambro. But suddenly he's to be taken out of Milanello, marched into the woods and shot execution style?!?!?!

This is the guy i was pissed to hear was coming to Milan and i thought he proved me right with his near instant red card in his 1st Serie A match but after he came back from suspension he NEVER put a foot wrong for the remainder of the season. The guy was an unstoppable beast last season, he is carrying a bigger load this year due to injuries, why cant some people figure that out?? Cut him some damned slack!

Talking of Ambro, i very rarely see fans chew up their own captain with the throwaway comments that have been flying around here lately, shame!

Even i mentioned prior to the Lecce match that Ambro looked like a rabbit in caught headlights but im also smart enough to realise that he is hardly match fit.

Give the guy a break, in fact give my team a break!

We are far from perfect but we have just slogged our way 2 points off the top!

Forza Milan!