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Wednesday Milan Musings

The move in with Miss AC Milan Offside was a success, and now begins the long arduous process of emptying boxes and hanging things on walls. Moving is funny, it's a terrible process, and one that actually involves purging a lot of personal belongings to make things work. Funny thing is it doesn't seem to deter anyone from procuring more "stuff." OK, enough rambling about my move, time to ramble about Milan...

-An epidemic of retirement has struck the AC Milan camp with Cassano now following Zlatan's lead. Not sure what to make of this news, all rather puzzling to me, but why make a big deal now? The real question is why can't this bug hit Bonera!? Looks like everyone wants to talk about this now, with lots of people offering their help and advice.

-Andrea Pirlo is now tied with Nesta on the caps list. I believe he used to play for Milan, I can't see any other significance to this news. More interesting is this cap list, see if you notice anything of interest.

-Lots of rumors that El Shaarawi is trade bait, specifically for Montolivo and Fiorentina. There has also been talk of him being sold off. Not sure I can support this move. With Cassano and Zlatan hanging up their boots already, and Pato not being able to play three games on the trot, we may need this kid.

-The Legend speaks on his future, the National Team and Spain still being the best in the World. Oddly enough no mention of AC Milan...

Some interesting tidbits to ponder before the trip to Palermo and while I craft a dismal preview of what is going to be a hellish match with the Sicilians where points for Milan are as elusive as meaningful National Team minutes for this guy.

-Milan are two points above the relegation zone currently.
-Goal differential is -3.
-No player has more than one goal to his credit

If a team was ever in a funk...this is it. Is it the end of the World? No, I just hope the saying "winning cures all" is true...